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Paul Dobransky, MD

We at Men’s Psychology are committed to helping you become the man you were meant to be. That’s why we offer the technology, programs and live events that we do. Each has a place in helping you step up to your full potential.

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  • Hi Dr. Paul, I do hope this message finds you. My name is Greg and I've made it my mission to get in contact with you personally to just let you know how one of your bits of work has recently really helped me! For this I am really grateful and wanted to personally tell you how it's helped me.  
    Greg H
  • Paul, I've just published my third novel. My first one, Waking of the Samurai has hit the best seller list on Amazon a few times. Fleeting, it hasn't stayed there for very long. Only make enough to buy lunch every now and then but still, it's been kind of fun... Read more »
    Chris Lee
  • Hi Dr. Paul! I just want to tell that your programs are awesome! I've just bought the program MMP, and you convinced me already at your first disk that this is something I've been looking for. Read more »    
    Kjetil F
  • Dr Paul, I will never forget when I first saw you. It was the summer of 2005, you were on stage pouring out your heart and soul to offer hope to hundreds of men who like myself, had lost all hope in finding a mate. Unknown to me at the time, but you made a brave choice to enter a niche in the dating industry that was rife with snake oil, sleaze and scammers, all too ready to plunder the pain of broken hearts. Read more »
    Dave D.
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