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Paul Dobransky, MD

We at Men’s Psychology are committed to helping you become the man you were meant to be. That’s why we offer the technology, programs and live events that we do. Each has a place in helping you step up to your full potential.

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A segment on the language of love and how to improve communications between couples, Dr Paul is interviewed by abc 7 News.

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Personally, I have gone through many products including ebooks, DVDs, audios, you name it. There were many good things that came from products from other companies, but things just weren't crystal clear until I saw the Omega Male Program. Hands Down, it was the best product for learning how to meet, attract, become lovers, friends, and have an exclusive successfully lasting relationship.

Tim, Chicago

Hey Dr Paul, I just wanted to let you know how things have gone since I purchased your MindOS I opened it up and am listening to it right now. I'm astounded how deep it is and how much I learn each time I think of the concepts. Growing up in a negative, addictive environment I used masochism as a way to protect myself, and not forgive. Your program showed me a way out, that wasn't preachy. So far I've seen great results, in my energy level, in my appeal to women. Before I was going for the whole 'woe is me' mentality, trying to connect to women on past pain rather than solid positive energy. That didn't work too well. It pretty much attracted crazy women to me, haha. Actually, it wasn't very funny. I've learned to practice courage. I was so focused on getting a girl that I interpreted it as 'courage in approaching a woman' but learned that it is generally faith in the future, faith in yourself, and faith in things to work out for you and your ability to overcome adversity. That was a big one. I have plenty of things to work on but your program has also taught me how to help others and not be totally self-absorbed like I used to be. Thanks for the great work!

Kurt S.
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