Amateurs and Professionals, Gurus and Experts: a Bull Detector

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Amateurs and Professionals, Gurus and Experts: a Bull Detector

Let me start by saying that I love amateurs. I love being an amateur at ninety-eight of the top one-hundred or so most enjoyable things in life. I wonder where all the amateurs of the world have gone. 

I miss the amateurs. They've been replaced by experts, gurus and coaches.



Thank you for this article.

I am teaching myself internet marketing because I want to reach the goal of making a living in a location independent way.

I have certainly gotten the "snake-oil salesman" vibe from most of those guys. I appreciate your breaking down the differences here.

At first I thought....'crap, I am getting into something I cannot be totally proud of?' Then I began to discover a few internet marketers that probably give more valuable content than they sell. Also they are honest about where they are at and where they personally plan to go.

This impressed me, and restored my faith in what I was doing. Now that I have read this, I can more accurately describe myself in an open and honest way. Perhaps I will not sell as much as some others, yet I will be able to hold my head up knowing that I am not representing myself falsely.

I will certainly let people know that I am an amateur exploring the options with them. That and I will make sure what I promote is something that can be truly useful to them, not the latest and highest ROI product.

Thank you for everything you do Dr. Paul. I have personally gained so much from your programs (Omega Man, Mind OS, and The Gentleman's Toolbox). I am planning to go over more too. I truly have recently felt 36 years of mental hell lift like a fog as I learned your systems. I have much to do still, but now I have hope. I have never had hope that the self torture I was doing would ever change until now.

I find that people like you, Dr. Paul and the rare few marketers I mentioned to be a refreshing change. The value of the content that you give away is far more valuable than what most of the "guru's" are selling.

Were it only that I could promote products like yours as an affiliate giving a 95:5 ratio of content:promotion. That is OK. What you teach is so valuable, and I want to see as many men have access to this material as I can. Even if that means I do it for free. There will be other products to market that I can profit from.

Thank you again