If You "Really Want It," You Have to "Know It"

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If You "Really Want It," You Have to "Know It"

Men's identities are very entwined with their ambitions, the building blocks of their career missions. Yet as men the world over all know, the road to major success is littered with minor failures. For those men for whom nothing less than perfection will do, it's crucial to decode these psychological obstacles in your way. We can do this with some very simple rules.



What an article

Just the passion that emanates from this article and the way it is written - all the things which seems so recognizable and simple, and yet I would have never been able to put words on without you - You are something Dr. Paul. Life changer.

I've been upgrading and updating my mind for the past many years with your operating and processing systems, and I keep getting surprised of the things I see, and continue being impressed by the things you must have seen to be able to put it all into a system... I am not even gonna thank you - as it seems an insult to the appreciation of it all that I have.

I hope at one point, you will also write a little about, how fathers should raise their sons or how to make weak male children stronger - seen from a father's/or fatherlike's perspective.

So true Dr. Paul

Yes, I actually apply this to my running career in college, through months of journalism and monitoring my own behavior I've learned through the past year, that the sacrifices, importance's, and emotion I have shared with running has actually helped me kind of intertwine with the sport. Forming a bond that I really do enjoy every single day.