Killing the Golden Goose

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Killing the Golden Goose

There once was a farmer who discovered, miraculously that one of his hens had the ability to lay eggs made of gold. He and his wife would gather these eggs and take them to the city, to find they were soon growing quite rich.

But an interesting and common thing happened - they became greedy, and tried to find ways to force the hen to lay even more golden eggs more rapidly.

Finally, at wits end with trying ways to speed up the riches, they cut the hen open, figuring that there must be even more gold inside if they were so magically able to hatch golden eggs.

Only there was nothing in there but normal chicken anatomy.

It was a normal chicken that managed to mysteriously make these extremely valuable objects of gold.

Thus was born the idea of "killing the Golden Goose" - which in business, career and life is similar to missing opportunity by inattention and impatience about the very thing that is the course of your value.

In a way, each one of us IS a Golden Goose.

Inside we are normal, but depending on the amount of patience we put into our lives, our careers, our relationships and resources, we can find a way to get absolute gold to come out.

Sometimes, though, we fail to do that by letting some things slide, by being impatient, and worse - missing opportunity.

Working too hard on the WRONG things to grow success, value and wealth in your life may just kill the Golden Goose of those parts of you with which you could be doing the RIGHT things, in the right way, at the right time - working smarter.

I was lonely as a child living in a very rural town, but the bleak social conditions extending all the way through high school afforded you just one good thing - when there's no one to bounce ideas off of, you have to bounce them off yourself.

And that for some of us is the start of creativity.

It's been ten years now that we have been serving men through Men's Psychology Magazine, and I've learned that the life of a writer can be at times, as lonely as his childhood. After all, it's just you and a blank screen at the start, but over time you learn that there are some basic principles that turn the experience of being adrift in creative loneliness into a special power in your life that will never go away.

I'd like to share some of those with you, drawing from the story of how we've come to be who we are on this, the Tenth Anniversary of Men's Psychology.


Loneliness, Boredom, Frustration and Failure

These four may seem like unrelated terms, except to say that they are all negatives in a man's life. They happen to be directly and inextricably tied not by virtue of what they are, but what they are not - what tools, skills and resources are lacking in a man's life.

Loneliness can be a slow-growing, ever-present weed in your life, presenting itself in subtle ways - the accounting job that bores you nearly to tears, is boring because you are also lonely, and lonely in part because it is boring. It can also be a sudden shock that overtakes you, like the feeling one has after a breakup with a woman, and awakening in the morning for the next several days in an empty bed.

Loneliness is boring, and being bored is a form of loneliness.

If you've ever struggled to learn a new software program, or tried to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture, only to find you placed part A on part D instead of part B, then you full well know the feeling of time you've wasted, and the result of your frustrating struggle having led eventually to your failure to finish a task - at least on time.

And when there has been something you've wanted to learn for so many years - singing, ice-climbing, flying a plane, playing tennis, whatever it may be - you finally get down to it, and find the learning curve much higher than you'd thought. You struggle, and get frustrated with each failure to reach your goal of mastery - until finally you've completely given up in exasperation.

Frustration leads to failure, and failure most certainly leads to frustration.

For the successful, there are celebrations and parties, but for the failed, there is boredom, which is also frustrating because you are going to have to get your hands dirty yet again, learning the basics of your intended craft.

What's more, it is NOT "lonely at the top." It's lonely at the BOTTOM - the loser's line, where you will wait endlessly for another chance and possibly never get one.

And where nobody wants to talk to you.

Maybe you've seen those guys at the job fairs, who seem willing to talk to anyone - even and especially those most unlikely to ever be their friends in everyday ordinary life. There is a feeling of desperation just oozing from them, and making it even more unlikely to find a beneficial networking connection at the event.

But they persist in doing the same thing over and over to get a job - talking to everyone they meet, most of whom don't have a job themselves, or a contact, lead, or even an encouraging word of practical advice. Like piranas chomping at nonexistent food, they eventually start biting and eating each OTHER.

This is because these four things - Loneliness, Boredom, Frustration and Failure - linger around in your life not because you didn't get enough business cards, but because you have not been cultivating the three most useful skills to defeat them all at once:

Friendship (or better networks of people you know, or other resources a man needs to build a life - most of which come from friends), better geography (or statistics), and simplicity (or organization) of your resources...

...which are major tenets of the new Men's Psychology VIP Program, where you:

  • Receive all the programs we have ever made, or ever will make
  • Get training in teaching the material to others if you so choose, and can do so as a new or secondary career
  • Get unlimited lifetime attendance at live events, the On Demand and On Demand Plus+ Programs, and unlimited lifetime BOOTCAMPS too ($2497 each in value).

Those are some of the major benefits you get, but what about the intangibles?

And why do I call this "Killing the Golden Goose?"

The kind of bonding with other students, entrepreneurs, and teachers in this program is priceless, and the opportunity to travel and network (as well as put on joint events with our other VIP members) is also life changing. The kind of resources that you get access to through me and through the other VIPs also can't be measured - mixing with the media, publishing, technology C-level execs - all very good.

And the masculinity and vitality you get from helping others while making a great living is also second to none.

Beware the "Golden Goose Problem" though. You could be "killing your chances" to be set for life with this wealth of knowledge and the ability to generate your own craft if you just let time pass by, or just "nibble at the knowledge."

Or worse - working the WRONG things to the bone in your life, entirely missing the patient things you could be doing to capture that success which has been eluding you.

The reason for the latter is that each program is a separate view of behavior all its own, but seeing things together is like "seeing the Matrix" or viewing a hologram - the complete picture.

Then you're ready to transform your own life, and if you so choose, that of others too.

Let's dig into the rest, below, but first, if you have immediate interest in this VIP Program, call or text Laura at 813.525.7769 and sign up to watch the video below (it's an hour long).


It goes without saying that a man needs friends to get by in life, but what does friendship have to do with our "missions" as men?

It turns out that when men find a joint mission together, they can become unstoppable. It is as if they are one person working away at the ultimate goal of achievement for them all.

This kind of "group thinking" is not at all monolithic or ordinary. It is a kind of creativity that men generate when they are together. One of the most common observations about men gathering in groups we have is that they appear to "theorize" together - that is, to develop theories and conjectures about the way the world works, or individual problems can be solved, and anything in between.

Friendship can feel emotionally bolstering for a man to be sure - and a boost of self-esteem is part of the very definition of friendship.

However, if you are not the "touchy-feely type" of friend, that is okay and normal. The intellectual and creative benefit alone of having several minds on a project or solution is more than enough to merit your friendliness to others.

This kind of collaboration and bonding - this "mastermind group" mentality, is definitely a part of our VIP Program at:



Sometimes what's going wrong is neither what YOU do - your skill level, and experience - or even the company you keep.

It can be sheerly a matter of the environment in which you choose to pursue your goals.

This is where statistics matter, and they can either be far against your favor, or completely in your favor in terms of "good luck" in work, love, and life itself, or anywhere in between.

For example, a single man ought to live in an urban area. The statistics are better tha you will meet enough suitable women to date, and of them, enough from which to choose a girlfriend, and from enough relationship experience, to even choose the right mate.

Sure, this process can happen anywhere by sheer luck or randomness or whatever you want to call it, but in the end, better statistics for you will result in better opportunities and choices that they can give rise to.

One of the great things about the men's VIP Program is that the opportunity to use all the material you will get to try on yourself, can also be taught to, and collaborated with and about, by men all over the world that you meet through the program.

It's at:


Simplicity and Organization of Your Resources

Sometimes it's easy to just measure value in terms of dollars. But if you really stop to think about this for a time, you'll find that your INNER psychological resources are always traded away for other things, like income, or time for things you enjoy pursuing, or for more freedom or flexibility, or some other psychological resource.

We are trading away our inner psychological resources for other things all the time, and what counts is that in your interactions with others, we need to strike FAIR deals that are mature, mutually beneficial, and result in betterment of all parties involved if at all possible.

The organized way that you can harvest the value of all your inner resources as a man really, really matters.

There's nothing like taking stock of them all (and nothing like building them as a VIP) - and I don't just mean money.  How many friends do you have, how important (or fun, or interesting, or kind, or creative) are they?  You need to build this resource.

How is your supply of self-esteem, confidence, well-being, wisdom, experience, education, shrwedness, ethics, strength (of boundaries), and what about your level of masculinity?

These are all resources to build, count, arrange, align, integrate, and use in your everyday life. We keep track of them and purposely build them in the VIP Program.

When you take your resources together and ORGANIZE them, tying them to just the right GEOGRAPHY (which can be multiple places you spend time, even if it's in your same city), and gather a group of men around you all on the same mission, YOU CANNOT BE STOPPED in your success...

...and boredom, frustration, loneliness, and failure cannot be a part of your life again, so long as you do a little maintenance of these areas.

Join us in the VIP program, beginning by watching the rich, hour long video after signup at this link:



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