Men's Skills for the Hurricanes of Life

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Men's Skills for the Hurricanes of Life

I knew perfectly well that I was flying toward a hurricane the day before it was to arrive, and even as the news trumpeted its size, many New Yorkers said it might just fizzle out like last year's big storm. Hopefully.



We cane use our mission to

We cane use our mission to face any problem, stress , trauma or even hurricane. Our mission is a great power to face such problems . Looking back at those battles , learning from them to improve our live and to further our mission


i think the girl is just flirting....

anyways this article helped a lot.. having a flexible boundary is the key to maximize once's potential and growth...

but sometimes you just forget and act on your knee jerk response...


thanks for the feedback!

Awesome observation

I like the idea when things are going south there is always a time to take a break. Those are the times when you can regroup and think about what is the next step. I am glad that you took the time to share about the storm. Nobody ever said it was easy to grow, just like facing a set of stairs just take one step at a time.
Tony Sparrow


I'm PROUD to call you my friend.

That was an amazing article filled with unique truth and angles that only you can seem to come up with.

I've gone days without sleep or food and you're right, everyone has to stop at some point.

Thank you for the rest, food and water of these words.


Thank you