Overcoming the Day Job

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Overcoming the Day Job

Q: My question is about choosing a right mission and about the moral issue of leaving a company just after having been hired. Last week I started a new job that is limited to one year. I am quite good at it, and the pay is very good. However, sitting in front of the computer screen all the day , this job has no potential to masculinize me or to help me learn to be in charge of others. I am thinking about quitting the job as this year might be a waste of time.



Picking the best career for myself

My question is how do you determine what the best career for oneself is? In my current career, it has some good points, but is consider lower professional status than I would like and is in a field dominated by women, which can make it hard to be the only guy in the room.
What process does one go through to determine his mission in life? That would lead to a career better connected to it. Does Myers Briggs testing provide any useful information?
Jody Metcalf