Propinquity - The Ultimate Urban Benefit

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Propinquity - The Ultimate Urban Benefit

Every now and again you're surprised by something you learn about something you encounter or even work with every day. Maybe you have found that effect in the courses of Men's Psychology Magazine.



The magic of Propinquity

Wonderful newsletter, Dr. Paul!

From this day forward when I use the word, "propinquity," I'm going to remember that: assertive action = results! This newsletter really help me think outside the box in terms of reaching out for what I want for myself.

If I keep pressing forward with what I need and want by placing myself where there's opportunity for growth, I can't lose, if I've identified my preferences and choices and have them secured with healthy boundaries. I'm bound to have success.

Propinquity for me is a reminder to KEEP MOVING NEAR those goals of mine, full steam ahead!

Thanks Dr.Paul for all your hard work and dedication!

Sergio Romero