Rising to Power: The New Science of "The Zone"

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Rising to Power: The New Science of "The Zone"

Men are wired to worry about how they fare against other men. How do we stack up, and where do we fit in to the hierarchy? This ancient reflex makes perfect evolutionary sense. Consider that males, because of their larger body size and muscularity, hunted and killed in primitive times.



Growing Skill

This is great. I relate it to my experience of learning how to partner dance. Not having any experience at all I started attending dance lessons. Initially I remember feeling overwhelmed because I had no idea what I was doing. It is one thing to have low skill level working as part of a team with a group of guys and it is something a little different when you have low skill level working with a woman, especially when you are expected to be the leader right off the bat. Long story short I found that if I just stayed true to my skill level and took things one level at a time the women were very receptive to my efforts and had a lot of fun dancing with me even though I wasn't as good as the other guys. As long as I was putting in a reasonable effort women showed me a lot of respect and would readily help me to learn a move if I didn't get it. A year a a half later I consider myself pretty good at the style of dance I practice. All along the key was staying in the zone.

Compete with yourself.

Very timely article, just like most of your work. To be truly above average, one must learn to compete with himself because, by definition, the majority of the people perform at average or below.... Something to remind myself time and again.... Thoughts?

The Zone

Awesome. There's a great show about NFL greats where Big Bad Mean Joe Greene talks about 'The Zone'.