The End of the World

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The End of the World

December 21, 2012 came and went, and whether there was to be a mystery asteroid striking the planet, or sunspots, or whether it was to be a work of Man (like nuclear holocaust) that was to cause the Apocalypse, dates in history and markers of our lives simply remind us of choices - forks in the road where, yes, there may be a need for grief, but there is also an opportunity for transition and renewal.

One of the best quotes about fear, grief, loss and courage as a man in particular that you might have encountered is from Teddy Roosevelt:



Great Quote

It's one of my favorites

Great questions.
One area I'd like to learn more about is decision making. When i have to pick between two things, bit a job or simply which event to go to that night...

Observing Ego Questions?

•Emotionally, does it raise my Well-being?
•Emotionally, does it raise my Confidence?
•Does it eliminate shame?
•Does it raise my Masculinity level?

"These four questions are immensely powerful in setting any new goal, and growing any new skill, because they assure the absolute best choice even in a time of confusion."

Elegant and Brilliant