The Secret Psychology of James Bond

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The Secret Psychology of James Bond

This is exactly how to BE Bond. Some may say that two markers of his essence are that he is as equally good with women as he is with a gun. But villains may be skilled with both women and guns.

There's more to Bond than just that. He has a duty, ethics and incredible responsibility, but can be anything but conventional in carrying them out. This is not to say that he just bends the rules or has flexible ethics, but instead to say that he is fully capable of running on impulse, using his gut, and still never losing sight of his, and his country's noble end goals.

He is not just "good with women and good with a gun." He has a mastery of not just masculine instincts, nor just mastery of politics, duty, honor and discipline, but an integration of both - in other words, all aspects of his own inner psychology.

There's still more though. He is a master of his environment too, and its resources. Inventive when it comes to turning any object into a weapon, or using nature to his favor - the cover of night, or invisibility of a forest, a lake or fog, he can appear and disappear at will. And his skill with money and finance, or the clever politics of knowing what people value and want - men and women both - gives him an unparalleled advantage over even the most seasoned opponent.

One of the things I didn't know about his backstory until seeing the recent Skyfall installment was that he had been an orphan. His boss, M, tells him, "Yes, orphans make the best recruits." Implying that they have nothing else to lose, and need a place to be valued. Or even parented in a way - after all, the secret agents all call their boss, M, played by Judy Densch, "Mum."

This "orphan" status got me thinking about men I know who would consider themselves "underdogs" in various areas of life, and about the concept of "being orphaned" in the form of one's own parents being out of the picture or even negligent when you were young.

It certainly rings true as an experience of my own, and gave me an extra affinity for this particular Bond character.

But there was more to the story - and without giving all away...

...Bond himself has a struggle in the film with his aging - the question arises as to whether he is still vital enough to do the dangerous job he has spent a life doing.

It reminded me of all the men who tell me stories about having to "start over" with a new relationship or a new job, and wondering if at their ages - over 30 - whether that will be extremely difficult or even impossible.

The answer of course is NO. That one of the things we always talk about in the weekly teleseminars is that yes with age comes some losses in health or vigor, but that this is more than made up for in the EXPERIENCE you have gained in your years. And that applies to women and relationships, work, and your overall sense of who you are.

You could call it a type of "technology" that's involved - that which makes our lives easier, more efficient, and more adaptive as a counterweight to any loss of brute energy or bodily health.

Bond illustrates this for us in bold in this film, and touchingly so, because for his occasional aches and pains, he appears still as agile as a cat, and demonstrates very clearly that it is his years of experience that help him to maintain this efficiency and wisdom in fighting for what's right.

In the end, we must come to the conclusion that Bond is not merely about "being good with the ladies and good with a gun," but that through life's experience he has mastered both the psychology of his inner world (not without some issues), and the skill to garner support, resources and teamwork, leading others with both strategic and tactical grace in the outer world of a threatening environment.

It immediately reminded me of our two newest training programs for men - one about your inner psychology and one about your outer resources in the environment.

These form the most fundamental skills and features of a James Bond - Mastery of Psychology, and Mastery of Value, Wealth, Resources and the Environment - of what is in us and what is around us. Add to this, the allure of women, and their own unique and challenging nature - not a completely unrelated skill set from that of espionage itself.

The film doesn't disappoint in the area of romantic interests either, as Bond appears to be able to woo women as always - only with his presence and his eyes.

I thought of our only two specific ebooks to those ends - exclusively about tactical things to do to have fun with women in dating and attraction (The Gentleman's Toolbox - a fitting title here) and Sending - all about body language and non-verbal communication through facial expression.

The hidden, the secret, the enigmatic, and yet action-charged, split-second timely, accurate and effective at his goals - if James Bond were secretly a student of Men's Psychology, he would have equipped himself with FOUR SPECIFIC TRAINING COURSES:

  • The new Quantum Psychology Program on Video Streaming - a program about mastering all of psychology in a practical, action-charged, visual way
  • The new Wired to Wealth Program on Video Streaming - a program about value, wealth, resources and using your environment to advantage (especially with money)
  • The Sending ebook - a program on the nonverbal language that women use and understand instinctively, helping you become a master attractor
  • The Gentleman's Toolbox ebook - a program on what exactly one says and does to out and out CHARM a woman and engage her with both fun and intrigue

I've decided to put these four programs together for you in a bundled package that will cost less than half the total, and send you careening into a life of the level of precision, instincts, methods and effectiveness of a Bond at getting to your goals.

This is ground-breaking material that connects scientific reliability to modern day personal empowerment. No motivational "fluff," just practical, elegant, effective yet innovative interpersonal skills.

Quantum Psychology is the first and only visual representation of the psychology of all human behavior – both conscious, and unconscious. To literally “see” what the behavior of those you love, respect, hold important, and even the behavior of those who are competitors, obstacles, and outright threats really means.

Quantum Psychology is precisely the "inner psychology" part of what makes a James Bond.


Bond's Other Gift: Wealth, Value, and Outer, Environmental Resources

Many of you don't know we've been working on a special project for men called Wired to Wealth. It actually started out to be in an area of life I don't at all profess to be an expert - "wealth creation."

When asked to develop such a program for men, I at first thought my partners wanted something about "how to be a millionaire" through any of a number of popular markets for goods and services, or perhaps an accounting expert style step-by-step course in the specific mechanics of some profit-generating marketing model.

In short, I said no. My area is psychology models and new ways of literally envisioning behavior through visual media, diagrams, maps, diagrams and video. However, after saying no, I thought a lot about the subject. All the programs out there on how a man can get a toe-hold on financial advantage always seemed to me to be of two "camps."

The first was of the "how-to" type in a specific area I don't know any specifics about - for example, real estate, or stock trading, or running advertisements. And that sure isn't for me - it doesn't interest, educate or excite me all that much, those most "lucrative areas." I like the mind and its workings - for me, the most exciting thing that can be studied.

He can take a pen and turn it into a dagger, a hundred dollars and turn it to a million at the roulette wheel. He can use a clothesline as a life-saving tether-cord or noose, or both, and can turn a woman's smile into a shield against an assassination. When resources seem scant, he fabricates wealth out of scarcity, and opportunity out of chaos.

The second "camp" was the far more annoying one - where motivational people say motivational things, and it's a kind of rah-rah financial cheerleading. "Envisioning" money dropping into your lap without any work at all - or perhaps a very short "work week" is involved. The wishful thinking concept that if you can only be POSITIVE enough, or believe in magic (and NOT hard work) enough, and "pray hard enough to the universe," money would somehow "just find you."

That's being passive, and James Bond is a man of ACTION.

It is so true that in building a life, what men MUST face is that at the end of the day it's not good enough just to "do work" or "go to work." As we say in the Mature Masculine Power Program, "to find your mission as a man." The mission you find for your life DOES need to pay you back at the very LEAST to the degree of the amount of work you put into it.

In other words, there needs to be REAL VALUE coming back to you for the psychological resources that you put into it.

While the MMP helps you find only the RIGHT career activity, and one perfectly suited to you, it doesn't show you a "nuts and bolts" way of making that wildly profitable. Wired to Wealth gives you the perfect mindset and psychological tools to do just that - a kind of adaptive, experiential skill-set.

Some people don't need or want all that much money. Bond certainly doesn't rely on it - he relies on his skill and whatever the environment offers to accomplish a task. Those of you in the entrepreneurial field know how to get resources on the cheap to help your business, and those of you who have ever shopped for clothes at a vintage store still know how to dress for the ladies on the cheap.

It's not money itself that makes the man. It's how he uses it - like Bond.

Men want to be doing what they know they were meant to do, and it is in fact highly likely that they will prosper as a result. At least they absolutely will not "get in their own way."

Still, in that same MMP program we lay out how it is that a man's identity - and masculinity itself - is rooted in just two things:

  • How you do with women
  • How you do in career work

If this is true, and if in that same program we discover how one of the ways a man can actually measure his progress in the area - and in himself in general - is to QUANTIFY success relative to other men, and the most efficient, effective and accurate way to do that is through the dollar amount you make per day, month and year frankly.

It's a hard lesson to learn, and we'd all wish it to be some other way - something that finds us valued as people for "what we have on the inside," or something about how worthy of love we are, how many friends we have, and all the spirit of the film, It's a Wonderful Life. "No man is a failure who has friends" is the moral of the film. And while these things are very true, we also know that it feels great as a man to have the kind of income that literally buys you the other things that make a man - the FREEDOM to travel and have adventures, the resources to protect what's yours and expand your territory as a man, the funds to afford to support a large family if you so choose, and even to provide an education, nutrition, comforts of housing and health for a next generation we create if possible. And hopefully with a woman who appreciates and honors how hard we work to afford those benefits and security as men and leaders of families.

The saying I once heard about value, and as we are about to see - wealth itself - is about as candid and honest and dead accurate logic as I've ever heard from a mentor: "You're worth what people pay you."

When I first said that statement, it rubbed people the wrong way. They thought I was diminishing their hard-won accomplishments, or demystifying Santa Claus - the notion that when we haven't achieved success, it must be because of "bad luck" or the way "the world's not fair." Truth be told, those same people were working hard at, and not yet mastering such invisible skills as politics, marketing, public relations, or defeating procrastination, sloth, passivity, obsessiveness, or lack of discipline but just couldn't admit it to themselves.

Yet if they, or I, could raise a magic wand and give them those skills instantly, or make their obstacles go away miraculously and overnight, THAT really is what the would want.

Wired to Wealth is the closest thing to that which I could devise. Instead or magic, it's the next best thing - a technology of the mind of wealth and resources.

James Bond doesn't care that "the world's not fair." He MAKES it fair for himself, his mission, and his nation. He doesn't care what people THINK he's worth - that's part of his stealth. On the inside, he KNOWS what he, and his mission are worth.  And he wins in the end because of this.

Many people have a knack for psychology and politics, and the right "read" on their careers, the public, and ultimately, Wealth Generation through the containing, building, and growth of value.

This is what "Wired to Wealth" is really about - for the rest of us who may or may not have "the knack to just know." But who have the passion and drive to really LEARN the working parts of that Wealthy Psychology necessary to turn value into something durable and growing

Think about it. We want to soothe ourselves with all the ways that we have psychological worth, emotional worth, artistic worth (that's a big, common one I hear.) Yet even if we have a solid self-esteem, and masculine identity, something in us (the Ares Instinct) still drives us and gives us the impulse to also know our worth through the eyes of others, especially other men when it comes to career, and of women when it comes to romance.

A Fortunate Result: His Way With The Ladies

His diplomatic skills are silent but effective, speaking an unspoken language in the eyes. And women notice this.

It's actually called "Sending" and is something that we teach in a lengthy ebook by the same name.

In the Sending ebook you will learn this silent woman-language that Bond speaks fluently, allowing you to:

  • Work on your NON-VERBAL communication with women
  • Learn to "speak woman language" in a way that women already do with each other
  • Express emotions to women in a masculine way, and as never before in your life
  • Yet in a way in which - without any words spoken at all - she will "just know" exactly the meaning you wish to get across in the process of attraction
  • She will feel like she "already knows you" as a friend, but as far more - romantically, and perhaps even with that "soulmate feeling"
  • Get clues as to whether the woman is a great personality fit to your own life, and whether a fit to your lifestyle
  • Automatically endear yourself to her friends and social connections without words, or risk of "faux-pas," mistakes, or embarassment
  • Keep the mystery and intrigue alive in attraction, because words are never concretely, overtly said
  • Get a solid start on sexual tension and sexual chemistry so necessary to lead into first dates, second dates and beyond

He may be the "strong, silent type," but Bond most certainly takes bold action, there being no denial of what he wants to accomplish at any cost. Women take note of this ambition, and creativity, innovation, and making due with what's available to accomplish a goal. They sense adventure and a sexy kind of "danger" to it, but know that they would also be safe in his arms. When it comes to the fun and adventure of dating and flirting, these same skills transfer over to attractiveness to women.

So we've included a last, free BONUS to your James Bond Suite - The Gentleman's Toolbox, again, a fitting title.

In the GT you will find:

2. An opening line, that will tell you instantly if the woman you are talking to is “relationship material” or not
3. Understand how some spontaneous wordplay can make the difference between a phone number or a rejection
4. ONE TRICK that will tell you immediately if she is ready to kiss 
5. Captivating stories that you can use to capture a woman’s attention and increase her sexual desire for you. 
6. Simple techniques that will create romantic memories for her that she will cherish for her entire life
7. Specific tactics that you can use to escalate physically, without making her feel uncomfortable
8. Learn how to deal with competitive alpha males, with a simple tactic that will trump them every time
9. Tactics you can use anytime to immediate get out of your head and into the present. After reading this book, you will never be at a loss of things to say to a woman again
10. Is she attracted to you? Find out within seconds using this trick

Mastery of inner psychology and outer resources, with a jumpstart on the most alluring, sexy things to establish early on with women in your adventures and interactions with women.

It's going to be a lot to handle - a literal feast of knowledge on behavior - the kind that takes others many years to come even a tiny fraction of figuring out.

You owe it to yourself and your community to set things right. This unification theory in Quantum Psychology brings all great psychological theory together in a clear visual easily adaptable process allowing you a scientific solution to any situation or circumstance.  

And Wired to Wealth clearly explains what psychological skills and tools you will need to harvest all the resources in your environment to reach your full outer potential as a man.

All human behavior, inner and outer, explained in one suite of programs!

Get all major programs together for a steep discount here, WITH ONE YEAR OF QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY ON VIDEO STREAMING, ONE YEAR OF WIRED TO WEALTH ON VIDEO STREAMING, and the GENTLEMAN'S TOOLBOX and SENDING ebooks for instant download!:




PAGE 220 :
M. wouldn't let James Bond reply immediately and Bond spent a sleepless night. On the one hand he knew the RISKS he would be running if he went to Finland. Smersh would not be leaving much to chance, nor would their killer. Bond would be facing almost certain DEATH. On the other hand there was something to be said for meeting a CHALLENGE of this sort head-on.
Luckily Bond was not a worrier. He used to repeat a SAYING of his aunt's. " WORRY IS AN EXTRA DIVIDEND ONE PAYS TO DISASTER IN ADVANCE. " This he had no intention of doing, so finally he made his DECISION, closed his mind to it, and slept. Next morning he told M. that he was going.
M. nodded thoughtfully.
" I thought you would ", he said.