The Unstoppable Underdog Male

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The Unstoppable Underdog Male

You may have tuned in to last week's talk about "being a surfer, not an accountant." It was actually a two-part article, and this is the real juice: If you like "underdogs," cheer for underdogs, or are, yourself an "underdog" in some area of life as a man, then you are in for some seriously powerful concepts, strategies and skills this week.



Thank you

Thanks for sharing this.

You could continue your question here, or since you are a forum member at the On Demand Membership at, place it there for more discussion with me and all the members...

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I think your question about God and observations about parenting is very interesting. Far be it from me to talk about God or speculate on who or what He or it is, let alone assert that toward you...

...I have wondered and often noticed that one's adult "view of" or experience of God seems to frequently resemble their experience of their own parents in some combined way.

Since there are many imperfect parents, some better than others, more attuned to us and kind to us than others, it would stand to reason that one's experience of God ought to be equally optional, and hopefully, gets the spirituality ALL humans have (regardless of RELIGION), working for you in a way that causes growth, maturity and happiness.

I would think "God" would want that for humans, and certainly religions - analytically speaking - appear to have promoted "personal growth," and psychological maturity, which to my mind is the very same thing as "spiritual maturity." At least until psychoanalysis came along, they had a monopoly on this. The world's very first self-help, so to speak.

Also keep in mind that part of the point of my article was not making the emotional and psychological state and skill of "faith," to be exclusive toward "God" as opposed to also being a belief in a good future surrounding other sources of growth and happiness too - friends, family, your community, and definitely YOURSELF.

Faith in YOURSELF...

Faith and People......

I have really screwed up with the people in my life. when I was 15 it dawned on me that I was not able to make social connections with others specifically women. This got imprinted on me more when I went to my mother to ask help. She made it seem like I was some sort of ungrateful person by putting this imposition on her. She swiftly dismissed it as a silly child who has no idea what I was talking about and lacking the intelligence to ever be capable of doing anything other than what I was ordered to do (mom and step dad made sure I understood very early that my independent thoughts and opinions were bad and always wrong)

I digress, this isn't about what I cannot control > the past. It it's about how even today I cannot view God in any other way than someone who just wants me to shut up and stop bothering him because he is too busy with imprtant stuff to waste time on my petty little obsession.

Faith Question: How do I develop faith when I feel like God (or whatever) is really really really sick and friggin tired of me bothering him about it? Also if faith in the future is part of confidence.......How do I borrow the confidence from something I know I can do like a star and apply it to sucess with women where I struggle to even acknowledge my few achievements?

When it comes to others outside my family, I have been asking in an incorrect way apperently. I would muster up the courage to ask for help so afraid I was going to get the same cliche responses......"wait and the right person will come along eventually", "when it is meant to happen it will", etc. Words said to give a person hope, yet without understanding how to just attract women it only beat down my spirit even more. Once I put an add on a popular classified sight for someone to take me out and help me.

She was the first person that ever just showed me a few social skills with the purpose of attracting women. I dated a nice Spanish speaking woman that whole summer that I met that night. A great start, but not the kind of 'success with women' that masculinity requires.

People Question: I have gone through most oud your programs - omega man, mind os, etc. Thank you for creating them. I also appreciate what you have done for me with the monthly membership. So......Can you recomend