Think Like a Surfer, Not an Accountant

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Think Like a Surfer, Not an Accountant

Many guys struggle with career decisions such as what to choose in a job, when to quit, how to navigate the corporate politics, or how to even stay afloat in this economy in the first place. Very few have a "bird's eye view" on what their likely future path is going to be in career, as most of us at least some of the time, tend to "wing it." It turns out that this might be the whole point - that in discovering and executing on what it is that you were meant to do in life, it's better to have the mentality of a surfer than an accountant.



an example of how this article has helped

I think I am a "king" as per MP's KWML program. - So its easier for me to act like an accountant.
I am out clubbing with a group of newly formed friends and there are good looking women in our group as well. The guys in the group including me are flirting with these women and trying to take things to the next level ;) and at the end of the night (well 5 am) I am coming back home and realizing that some of the other guys have had much better success with these women than me...

Now I am back home and going through Omega Male program and the insights I am getting are very profound.
The point I am trying to make is that had I been acting just like an accountant (playing it very safe and talking about work etc with these women) it wouldn't have made me get to the Omega Male program ASAP and understand how I can get bet better (I get more insights out of the program because of the "ACTIONS" I took). But remember to act like a surfer with observing ego and not be unconscious of what your doing.

Btw ,the Miwomen/omega male program is just awesome and I am writing all this down so that I remember to act like a surfer whenever the situation demands and hopefully this comment motivates other people as well.