Cooking Up Attraction

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Cooking Up Attraction

At a recent NYC Bootcamp for men that we put on, we started out everything - believe it or not - learning to COOK. Pamela Morgan is a consummate hostess, teacher of the culinary arts for men, and with a healthy dash of her personal experience with what helps men attract women through the art of cuisine - she holds classes for men in NYC on this very subtle yet important area of appealing to women.

Think about it - there are only two human activities that use ALL FIVE SENSES - preparing and enjoying a meal, and I'm sure you can think of the other one!

As you all may be aware from the MindOS Mastery Program, and the Omega Male Program, everything in personal growth starts with the skill called Observing Ego - in fact I consider that skill the actual "scientific definition of being cool." Who doesn't like and find attraction for a "cool person" or a person "who keeps their cool?"

Well it is a skill that happens in the present moment, and one quick route to "being present" is to use the five senses.

If you are using all five senses at the same time - as you certainly do in Pamela's classes for men - then you have a quick route to "being cool" with women, and in life.