Facebook Profile Pic Perfection

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Facebook Profile Pic Perfection


Your Facebook profile pictures are essential in the deep trenches of the dating world. Women gawk, stare and stalk at every single profile picture that is allowed for them to see. Here is my top advice for you to win her heart by posting the perfect Facebook profile picture.

1) The Picture of You with Hot Women

Unless the other woman is your mom, stray from posting yourself with hot arm candy. The unsightly profile picture might seem dude'ish to you. To a woman, you are a “Jerk” and “Cocky.” Instead take a picture of you with your aunts, nieces and mother. You will be much more approachable and considered a family man. You + family women= DATE. It brings out your softer side.

2) The Picture of You and A Mini-Cooper

Women are not impressed by little cars. A big man and a little car are not a good mix.  Make your Facebook profile picture of you with a pick-up truck, a golden retriever, a huge moustache and a cold brewskie in your hand (much manlier).If you throw in the cut off t-shirt, that is even better. Show off those guns!

3) The Picture of You Posing in A Speedo (even if you are European)

The tight blue Speedo and a tanned, waxed chest are a recipe to for impending doom. There is one exception to the rule: that's if you wear a big gold chain and smoke a cigar. Women will find you funny and intriguing. It is redeemable when a Facebook picture is supremely egregious.

4) The Picture of You Interpretive Dancing

An "interesting" hobby like interpretive dancing is probably not the best picture for a woman to hook herself onto you. Instead, include a nice picture of you rock climbing or playing football. Spray water over your face and upper chest before you take the picture though- fake exhaustion permeates masculinity. And to really conquer a female viewer, tussle your hair and smear a little dirt on your face. Trust me, it works.

5) The Picture of You Doing A Keg Stand

College and frat days are not fully over, but they must be disguised on your Facebook profile picture. Doing a keg stand detracts from your wooing abilities. Keep your keg stands in your personal gallery of photos. If you must have alcohol in your photo, hold a huge Guinness cup in your hand and smile for the camera. Pierce her soul with your sultry, half drunken eyes.

6) The Overall Picture

In all seriousness men, Facebook profile pictures are a perfect way to spark a conversation with a woman. My top piece of advice is to take a picture of yourself smiling. Wear a an outfit that is true to your identity. If you are a jeans and tshirt guy, make sure you wear it in your Facebook picture. Show a woman your true self. If you really like your dog, take a photograph with your dog. The trick to a perfect Facebook profile picture is to be truthful and show a woman the side of you that you would like her to know. The Facebook profile picture is a great start to introduce yourself without saying too much.

These are some of my hints for having a perfect Facebook profile picture. If you have a question about your Facebook profile picture, email at [email protected]. I would love to give you feedback!