Hero and Leander

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Hero and Leander

Leander was a youth of Abydos, a town of the Asian side of the strait which separates Asia and Europe. On the opposite shore, in the town of Sestos, lived the maiden Hero, a priestess of Venus. Leander loved her, and used to swim the strait nightly to enjoy the company of his mistress, guided by a torch which she reared upon the tower for the purpose. But one night a tempest arose and the sea was rough; his strength failed, and he was drowned. The waves bore his body to the European shore, where Hero became aware of his death, and in her despair cast herself down from the tower into the sea and perished.

I wanted to do more research on the word "Hero" and how it came about.  What I found instead was the story of Hero and Leander and all that remains after a life in which a siren is calling you to destruction.  When I think about "sirens"I think two things; one is how a beautiful woman can trap a man into becoming her prey, and the second is why would a man do that?  Given our society puts an enormous amount of emphasis one females looking good, and the ability of a woman to enslave a man at its core requires an attention attracting ability, it is not that difficult to explain. 

Every man has come to appreciate the sense of beauty in women, and we all have our foils.  I'd like to create a separate blog about the funny shi & that men do when under the spell of a woman's beauty, then again there's America's Funniest Home Videos.  I find it hilarious.  Though, there is a way to turn it around, which is what makes it "funny" in the way that I find it funny. 

Just the other day when I was at the gym, I noticed in the corner of my eye an attractive young "siren" of female-bearing years.  It doesn't make it easier on her, since she was a blonde, my type, and I am an obssessive gym-enthusiast that enjoys entering the arena destroying everything that comes near me once I am in that mindset.  So, right off there, it was not going to be pretty.  I don't socialize well at the gym, it's me-time when I'm there, more often I have my headphones on, and so I come off as a brute. 

Sometimes, that is exactly what the female wants though (3 day cycle... wink-wink, nudge-nudge) She was working out at a machine, and apparently had her sights set on me, even though she was with some other guy.  I suppose I didn't choose to compete, which in turn caused her to become extremely reptilian in getting my attention.  I did my normal routine (God, it helps to have a routine when dealing with sirens) and I was on my 2nd or 3rd gear, a little past the halfway point of my workout, when she just started doing ridiculous maneuvers in front of me.  While I sat in the chair doing shoulder raises, I noticed that she was trying so hard to get her "partner" to "teach" her what I was doing.  She was mirroring me, and it was "cute" so I decided to let it go for a little bit.  She ended up doing exercises, which wouldn't even be the correct term for it, and began showing off her body in various positions to me.  She went from attempting to learn to use the machine, to bending over in ways that were all too provocative for anybody in the gym.  Including the older fellow to my left, old enough to be her father, whom I glanced over to and saw that he seemed to be enjoying it. 

Well, to cut the story short, I had to go back to my routine to finally shake her off my tail.  Normally, it wouldn't be right to do this as a habit.  However, if there are people out there who are struggling with sirens, I figure I can help you with that by giving you a tactic that might work for you.  You could easily turn it to your advantage, and instead of being on the offense, it is less draining to use your shield in these situations.  Of course, you are armed with a sword at the same time, which is another benefit.

The tactic is your routine.  The thing that you go back to.  You have control over.  You can start in the middle of your routine, or the end of your routine, it is entirely up to you.  If someone who doesn't know you comes to distract you.  You are already "knowing" what your mind will be urging you is to get in the habit of your routine.  It is a benchmark that we use daily.  Something which Warriors and Kings are good at, but some other right-brained people may need help in.  There can be no other better way then to be more focused on your situation, and be enlightened at the same time.  So, what may seem very right-brained to people on the surface is actually just your prime instincts kicking in.  You are on a mission (at your masculine level the biggest motivating factor in life), afterall, and every little mission adds up to a very big mission does it not?  So there you have it.  Simple and yet effective.  Only powerful to YOU and only YOU!

What about you guys out there?  Any of you have any funny stories to share?  Let me know, and I will incorporate it into an upcoming blog.  As in the story above about Hero and Leander, I'll be first to admit to you guys that sometimes even I have fallen prey to mermaids and we all have had our fair share of slips.  I would guess that a wardrobe malfunction for a girl is similar to a man who gives away his pride to a "siren", pretty on the surface, but with teeth as vicious as a canine.

That leads me to another question, if there are mermaids, are there also mer-men? 

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"A proud heart can survive general failure because such a failure does not prick its pride.  It is more difficult and more bitter when a man fails alone." -Chinua Achebe