Plastic Surgery.... For Men?

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Plastic Surgery.... For Men?

Plastic surgery and sheer manliness do not seem a likely pair. Yet, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2010 the top five male cosmetic procedures were nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reduction in men and hair transplantation. Plastic surgery is an unspoken decision made stealthily by men. It's almost an underground industry. In the news, there have been many stories on how plastic surgery can help a man look more youthful for the job environment.

The big question: will a woman dig you if she knows you've had plastic surgery? Well, I would definitely dig you! I think there are many good reasons a man would consider having plastic surgery:

1) You don’t look as good as you feel

If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you might not look the way you feel. There might be sagging skin on your upper arms, chest area and lower belly. After you have worked so hard to lose the weight, you deserve a killer buff body. With the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon, your stellar beach body can be accomplished! When your confidence in yourself is boosted, women will take notice.

2) You can’t breathe

Say you broke your nose in a bloody bar fight or a football game AND you have a bump, breathing problems and a fog-horn snore. A better quality of life from breathing clearly will be a boon not only by your lungs but also for your lovely lady, who can finally sleep through the night.

3) You just want to look younger

From the ASPS, in 2010, the top non-invasive procedure was BOTOX for men. If you feel 30 inside and are 45, why not have your face look the way you feel? With the help of a board- certified plastic surgeon, you can work with him or her to figure a regimen to help you gain a more youthful you. And when you talk to a pretty lady, she will be infatuated with your assurance and happiness.

If you have thought about plastic surgery, cosmetic or reconstructive, check out and to learn more about the most innovative procedures.



I like it

Especially the broken nose thing! I was involved in a drowning accident (aka I drowned)so I have dark circles under my eyes from it. Would be nice to have that gone..

I'd consider it if it made me

I'd consider it if it made me more like Chuck Norris.
I have seen the eye-lids effect on a guy and it really does work. Takes five to ten years off.
But, as with anything, there's a fine line between self-care (doing it simply feel better) and narcissism.

Much better if someone could devise an eye-lid workout that thad the same effect.