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10-laws-ebook-cover-men-200-no-reflection - Copy.pngThe 10 Laws of Being a Man - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!Make life easy by cultivating these ten skills that power you ahead into success, attraction, and fulfillment as a man.
advanced-masculine-intelligence-cover-men-200-no-reflection.pngAdvanced Masculine Intelligence - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!The Advanced Masculine Intelligence ebook starts where the original book ends, and develops a "code" of living, where you learn the basic skills of taking your skills of personal growth to the next level as a man - with women, work, and being a man in general. A perfect first course before diving into our other core CD/DVD programs.
sending-ebook-cover-men-200-no-reflection.pngThe Sending eBook - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!Secretly, our most-requested program. Learn how to "read" women's silent body language and more - the language of the human face. Turn it around and silently communicate to women nonverbally, sexy, friendly, and get her completely into you and all you represent as a man. A technology that seems to work as if by magic!
attack-anxiety-v2-ebook-cover-200-no-reflection.pngAttack Anxiety ebook - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!For once and for all, eliminate anxiety and a lack of confidence from your life. This is the most comprehensive set of tools, skills and methods for dealing with worry, panic attacks, and lack of confidence we could devise. Deeper study on anxiety than in MindOS.
gentlemans-toolbox--ebook-cover-men-200-no-reflection.pngThe Gentleman's Toolbox - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!Don't know what to do or say with a woman? This program takes improv acting techniques and joins them to our highest technology in dating, to both do and say the right thing with women - EVERY time - even when there's nothing to say or do, AND "decodes" her communication, personality, sexual styles and general maturity levels FOR you as you ENJOY meeting women!