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Losing Your Job in Style

One of those things about life that's bittersweet is that endings do come, but when they do, you can be truly free to say and be who you really are.
I have a rare opportunity as a friend this week as opposed to being an “expert.” A friend of mine lost a job, so it’s time to step in to help like a buddy does. It's not a time for sciency stuff and "how-to" advice. That can all come later, but for now, we can all learn from this primal experience men have.

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How to Win by Surrendering

Words are important. What they mean and how we use them can get you a job, or send you into bankruptcy. They can cause the end of a date to find you in the arms of a woman, or trudging home in the cold, bitterly. They can even make the difference between living for years in a certainty that you are no good, worthless, a loser who is never going to win the career, the woman, or the life you dare not think you deserve, and actually having those things.

If you didn't believe words were important in this way, you likely wouldn't be reading this magazine.

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Women With Better Careers Than You

In today's job market you have either encountered this, or will soon. Women are graduating college far more than men, and holding the jobs...
Check out this article from the NY Post:
 ‘Women’s Divorce Cur$e’ By CATHY BURKE


It's the age-old question of what motivates us.

One of the ways of looking at a guy who seems to have a problem with motivation is this: is he even interested in what he is trying to get motivated to do?

And if he isn't motivated, could it potentially be that what he tries to set himself about doing is wrong for him, not suited to him, won't in the end be the reward he really wants if successful, and therefore it's all for the best that he not be motivated at that item?


Ever notice that good things only seem to happen to OTHER GUYS? It's not that they are luckier. Notice opportunity then capitalize on it!
They often use phrases like “my dream job” or “a girl like that doesn’t come along every day…”
And they are dreamers.
Sometimes the dreamers out there get seduced by their fantasies though, and prefer to LIVE IN them rather than entering the real world to engage it as men.

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Men's Skills for the Hurricanes of Life

I knew perfectly well that I was flying toward a hurricane the day before it was to arrive, and even as the news trumpeted its size, many New Yorkers said it might just fizzle out like last year's big storm. Hopefully.