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Steve Jobs Dies

I'm not a technical person and I'm a woman, so technical gadgets etc. don't play a huge role in my life the way they do for many men, but I have to say that I LOVE my iphone like it's a living thing.  I have raved on to friends numerous times about my awe of the technology that Apple created/developed with that phone and the subsequent ipad etc.

I have also always admired how Apple not only withstood the onset of Microsoft all those years ago, but excelled by using innovation and creativity as its centrepiece. 

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Crucial Phrases for Men - With Women and Work

I have a very odd friend. He texts people to ask if they would like to meet up to do some social events, and he writes to them such things as, "I'd be delighted if you could join me at..." The same evening or at the latest, the next morning, he tells them "what a great pleasure it was to meet up." Wait. Maybe the fact that he does this is not "typical," but perhaps it's what "normal" really is, or should be. At the very least, it is a habit of courtesy, and at its best, it's very POWERFUL.


We all have varying degrees of tolerance for being criticized, and for how much, when, where and why to associate with coworkers, bosses and friends. As the world economy sputters and missteps - leaving many "trapped" in their current work environment - it sure would be handy to have a quick guide to recognizing the various brands of unavoidable criticism, while being aware of how to be a better, more constructive critic of others.

Perhaps one of the ultimate quotes for men on the topic of courage is that from Teddy Roosevelt's famous speech:


The American holiday, Thanksgiving, has just passed - a time for doing just as it sounds: expressing thanks for what you have in your life, and your relationships. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, my guess would be that at some time in the past few months you wondered about an aspect of being with a woman for which there is very little advice, instruction or solid, step-by-step actions to take:

What does a woman's capacity to celebrate, and to have gratitude (for YOU) mean about her, and mean about you?


I wish I found this stuff back in 2005 after I graduated college and needed it the most. You see, I had almost no success with women until I studied David D’s e-book and eventually worked up the confidence to meet a nice girl, fell in love, and got married. As our relationship progressed she became more and more emotionally unstable.

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From Secret Loneliness to Public Power

It's said that being alone does not have to be lonely. In fact, being alone and building your life is one of the greatest masculinizing experiences a man can have.


Women who argue with you may be more interested in being right, than happy.

When women BLAME you for something going wrong in your relationship, on your date, or in THEIR lives, it can be tempting to feel bad about that.