Superhero Masculinity

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Superheroes Advise Us on Better Dating, Attraction and Careers
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With Superhero Masculinity we find that MODERN myths called Superheroes offer us a way of “connecting with the story” as ordinary men with extraordinary goals for ourselves.  That unlike the ancient Greek and Roman gods, modern parables such as comic and film Superheroes offer us the idea of an “alter ego” – men who have both normal everyday lives, yet may have to “pull out the special powers” for challenges they face.

Enter the Superhero instincts.

In this program you are going to see eight remarkable stories, eight Superheroes, and eight or more male instincts that you cannot do without in everyday life as a man.

Listen to an audio sample from the program (10 minutes):

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Like the Superhero’s “utility belt,” this program will offer you specific, practical, unique and powerful tools for addressing the everyday problems of being a man today, but the examples of the real lives of men just like you, literally working with me and my coach-moderators you may already know well through our remarkable Men’s Psychology Think Tank membership program.

In fact, just by getting this training program, you are entitled to a month of membership ENTIRELY FREE.  In it, we will see you on the forums, discussing the material, working together on weekly two hour phone calls as a team, and doing what nobody else does at this level:

Taking your disc home-training program into very personalized use, with Dr Paul and team helping you with individual challenges, skills and personal growth – not in general terms, but in man-language, for man-issues, and toward the end goal of high effectiveness as a mature and masculine man.

I hope you enjoy this program, and for a brief time, get your hands on the Mature Masculine Power Program that is the perfect companion, at a special pre-launch price…

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