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The ultimate material of personal growth, strong boundaries for becoming the man you always wanted to be - vital, passionate, alive, successful, and solid. PLUS get Depresculinity as part of the Bundle!







This is your starting point on transforming your life into all it can possibly be. It is my core material, the foundation for everything else that goes into becoming the man you always wanted to be.

Have you ever wondered why a job didn’t work out, why one didn’t inspire you, or why you haven’t yet found that ONE single mission in life you were meant to do with your time here?

Have you ever wondered why a relationship came crashing down, or you could never quite get the kinds of dates, friends, or teammates that really could make your life all you ever wanted?

It has everything to do with your awareness of your own psychology, character, maturity, and identity.

For many years, psychologists have tried, and failed, to find one single body of ideas – a true system – that explains the exact workings of character and its direct effect on our success. It’s here, after over fifteen years of research and development, and it is called MindOS: the operating system of the human mind.





Why is it called “MindOS?”

Because it is the only complete system of psychology that lays out the inner workings of both women’s minds (and your own) in an entirely VISUAL, DIAGRAM-based format.

Just like your computer needs an “operating system” to work, MindOS has the same “point and click” appearance, use, and practicality for solving problems that your computer screen does. Only this time, the computer is your mind, and the problems are the stresses and challenges of a man’s life.

It’s a long story as to how I discovered and began teaching people this system, but for now, all you need to know is that it takes ALL of the former theories of psychology and synthesizes them together into ONE, NEW MODEL never seen before. In my professional field, that is called a Unification Theory.

Yet the MindOS system also takes ALL of the best ideas from the world of self-help and uses the easy language we speak in every day, with the inspirational and motivational encouragement that has been all the rage in the self-help industry for at least thirty years.

Academic psychology is full of terms and techniques that are complex-sounding, possibly boring, and confusing to many people. The terms are anything but inspirational or motivational.

Self-help has a way of attracting anybody and everybody who has bits of kitchen-table wisdom and wants to be an author or famous person. As a result, a few nuggets of clear, concise, good advice can get lost in the flowery, sugary-sweet language – much of which has been shown to actually be scientifically WRONG, IMPRACTICAL and not useful to every person in every challenge or desire to grow a better life.

MindOS is BOTH. It is based in the scientific accuracy and reliability of all the psychology models that came before it, but ALSO translates the very real and effective principles of my professional field into Everyday-Guy-Language that anybody can understand, and be truly inspired by.

The visual diagrams of the system make sure it is impossible to forget the lessons you learn when you really need to use them in your life.


Chances are that you aren't clinically depressed, or even "sad."
But chances also are that you don't feel fantastic about your life, your work, or your relationships with women.


Guess what? It's not your fault really... There is something MAJOR happening in our culture.

The Depresculinity Program addresses it, deals with it, and before you know it you will be back to feeling the way you were always supposed to - vital, passionate, "really living," and feeling "like a man again." IMMEDIATELY.




It's FINALLY ready to ship, NOW.

You always knew there ought to be a name for it - the state of mind suffered only by men, related to women and or work... and not be fully living.

We have a word to coin. One that's likely been in your life at some point, if only for a day, or a week, or a month. It blocked your ability to meet women, but not to be out and about socially. It thwarted your sense of pride in your work, but not enough to prevent you from getting out of bed every morning to take the bus to that office cubicle.

It’s DEPRESCULINITY  ® - an interesting word, isn’t it?

You already know what it means I suspect. If you are a man, you have very likely felt it at some point of your life, if even for an hour or a day or a week.

As the name might imply, it has something to do with “depression,” and also something to do with “masculinity,” which is of course of interest to men. It is a situation specific to men and which only men would find themselves in.

This is not a newsletter or a site for actual healthcare. It’s about discussing issues that are important to men. In kind, leaving aside clinical diagnoses, I’m sure there was a time in your life that you just felt bad about yourself, about how your life is going, you wish there had been more for you, and you maybe didn’t even have the words for what you were experiencing.


It didn’t feel like something you felt the desire to go get checked – it just felt “blah,” like you could still go to work, socialize or have friendships, but there was just a gnawing sensation that “something was missing” for you.                     

But why learn this “system of psychology?”

Because your very purpose in life depends on it. Without a deep understanding of your mission in life as a man, and without your ability to execute that mission, you will never reach the complete success, satisfying relations with women, or general fulfillment you were meant for.

Some do get there by trial and error (and a whole lot of failure and pain along the way), but with this new system of understanding psychology, that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

To discover this kind of power for your life, we need to look at something more about both academic psychology and the world of self-help. Let’s understand this together before you even consider diving into the MindOS programs…

Self-help today is full of anyone and everyone with an “opinion” on the “way things should be.” With the growth of the internet, there has never been such a huge explosion of opinions available for public debate as there are today. And yet, most of them are peddled by “teachers” and read by customers as if the opinions come from an authority of experience, training and credentials.

If an opinion is thrown out there with enough “feel good” spirit and enticing language – in other words, “selling” – most of us will unwittingly buy into it as if it is authoritative. So the most inspirational speakers who tell us to “buy my special blend of roots and berries,” “take my hypnosis course,” or “invest in my self-accredited super-duper coaching program” can actually get us close to doing just that and actually believing it would be good for us!

This is a subtle trap.

The errors (or at least wasted money) of the self-help world can be completely set straight by the academic, professional world.

Opinions are not at all the same thing as scientific fact. Anybody and everybody has the right to an “opinion,” but science is utterly dependent on every person who does a research experiment to come to exactly the SAME results. In other words, real science causes us to find security, practicality, and reliable RESULTS through discovering the principles that we inevitably are forced to come to the SAME OPINION about - through formal research studies. If you do the same experiment then you come to the same results as every other person on earth who does the experiment.

So the risk of using self-help materials without real science at its core is this: you might just be learning something that ONLY works for the person teaching it, and ONLY in the exact environment they are using it IN. When I have helped men over the years I have encountered countless “teachings” that promise “the answer” when really they are just the personal story of a teacher who happened to find his way to what he wanted.

Think of the books about great CEOs, world leaders, sports figures, celebrities and the like – many of which are sold as “success systems” because, after all, “If I did it, so can you!”

The reason there are only a few of those stars in the world is that they happened to be in the right place at the right time and do the right thing. There was no “system.” If there really was, then everyone in the world would be a star.

Which kind of defeats the whole concept of a “star,” doesn’t it?

Did you ever stop to notice this?

Think about it. “If something is too good to be true, then…”

Instead of promising the world and trying to urge you to “try my system and be as successful as me,” the MindOS system fits itself to your INDIVIDUAL LIFE, and clearly lay out the INDIVIDUAL PATH that makes sense ONLY FOR YOU.

Your life isn’t going to become “too good to be true.” It’s going to become truly good, depending on how well you learn your own inner psychology, and execute a mission with your greatest talents, gifts and desires.

Nobody ever born will have the exact, precise set of circumstances, skills, talents, challenges, and identity that you do. And this is a core concept of what makes a man, a man, and different from every other man on earth, let alone different from women.

Men need to find a unique MISSION in life, - one that they and only they could discover and achieve - and then follow it as only they ever could.

General self-help is hopeful, inspirational, pleasant, interesting storytelling, and is worth enjoying. But it is not science just because it’s on a printed page or spoken at a seminar.

I’m sure you already know that, but it’s time to discover something more profound.

MindOS lays out psychology for you in a way that is easy and clear, inspirational, but reliable – and it does so using terms that you use every day. It speaks the simple, practical language of self-help.

And yet it isn’t just ‘self-help.’ It’s something far more.

Let me ask you a question, and I want you to answer yourself HONESTLY. No one else. Just you.

Have you ever felt a period of low self-esteem?

Your life may have been generally pretty good so far, with some great successes, but was there also a time or two that was very painful, or sad, or confusing, and you really wish you could have gotten through it better, or more quickly?

If you’re honest, of course there have been. We ALL occasionally suffer a time of low self-esteem.

Now wouldn’t it be useful to have a precise formula for stopping low self-esteem in its tracks, anytime, anywhere, before it can even take hold?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to literally have a road map that show you the way to convert all the stresses of your life directly into new self-esteem?

There is. And it is one of the many features of MindOS.

“Self-esteem” is just one phrase of the hundreds in MindOS that we use every day, and yet like all those hundreds of phrases, we don’t REALLY know what it means in a way that gives us real answers or makes our lives practical. If anything, it just gives us something else to complain about, or something else that’s wrong or lacking in us at times.

Well, I’m sure that you’ve heard of the famous equation from Einstein’s physics, “E = mc2.” This equation was the answer to a long-sought explanation for how much energy is stored in material objects, and formed the first practical steps that we took to creating a new and powerful energy source: nuclear power.

Psychology has always paralleled physics in its way of developing new models, putting them down in a form – whether mathematical or diagrammatic – that explain formerly impossible problems and their solutions.

MindOS does just that for psychology.

You might say that the precise roadmaps to creating new self-esteem in your life whenever you need it – based in an equation I discovered long ago – are none other than the “E = mc2” of psychology.


In the MindOS material you are about to encounter, you are going to learn just how to use that equation to literally create the kind of energy your mind (and life) runs on: self-esteem. It is that simple phrase we all use every day but never had a system for understanding.


And the Anger and Anxiety Maps inside the MindOS DVDs show you precisely how to build it any time you want. It is the same as having a detailed blueprint for building your own inner psychology with “nuclear “- level power.

So you might see how MindOS is something new: BOTH the simplicity of self-help phrases such as “self-esteem,” AND the real science to make it reliable, repeatable, and real. Not fluff.

Traditionally, academic psychology was about viewing people with diseases of the mind in a way that hopefully helped them to return to “normal life.” The problem with this was that the practices spread in a way that gave very needed principles and techniques a bad name with the “normal public.” A “stigma” was placed on those who needed or wanted help. Getting psychological help eventually became “embarrassing” – especially for men who are prone to never want to show weakness to others.

To this day, men grossly under-report depression, anxiety and other mood illnesses, and as a result do not get treatment. It’s a virtual epidemic with no solution – because it is deeply hard-wired into men’s psychology to not seek help when there is a chance that others will look down on you for it.

What’s more, there is no official field of psychology that views men as psychologically different from women or that sees men as operating by a different set of psychological rocesses than women have. There is no “Men’s Psychology” degree or program or treatment. Just “general psychology” that in many cases is more available, assessable, and sensible to the female mindset. Not specific to men.

Rather than seeing all of psychology being the same for men and women both, and rather than seeing people as “diseased,” “ill” or bad or wrong for being who they are at the current time, I see people as being on a SPECTRUM of behavior, development of personality, or evolution in maturity of character. This means that the line between what we call an “illness” or a “problem” versus “normal” or “ok” gets blurred.

That’s closer to the truth, and what makes MindOS a truly “Quantum Psychology.”

In the world of physics, something that is a Quantum principle views objects as both “particles” and “waves” at the same time. In the world of psychology then, viewing PEOPLE as both having a “category” for their behavior, and respecting that they are UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS at the same time gives us a lot of power to both categorize and solve problems, as well as turning our eyes toward a future of UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL IMPROVEMENT of our lives at the same time. Part of this of course has to do with seeing men and women as having unique differences in their psychology.

This way, it doesn’t matter what we have called “illness” versus “normal.” All people, whether depressed, anxious, ill, or normal and healthy, are on a path of growth and development in their lives – an evolution of character and sophistication.


So it doesn’t matter “how bad” or “how good” your life has been so far – what matters is that we are always growing toward something more. Something we were meant to become next, no matter how good life has been or successful you now are.

Nothing can be more crucial for the development of a fulfilled man’s life.

It is time that there was something out there uniquely for men, and which takes their lives to the level they deserve and were meant to reach. Not something “general psychology,” or merely rah-rah motivational, or hopeful without detailed instruction, but something that makes common sense.

The first part of this equation tells us that every man has a mission for his life, whether he is now aware of it or not.

What is your mission? Do you know?

If so, how do you get started on following it?


The MindOS programs lead the way, and there is a very specific reason why.

I talk to many thousands of men on a routine basis, and almost always they prove to me time and again how true the Equation of Masculinity is. They describe their interest in becoming more skilled at having quality women in their lives, yet oftentimes they have no idea what their mission in life is.

The woman feels this, and there is a significant loss of attraction on her part.

The men themselves think there is something wrong with them, or something missing, and they try to fill that hole with some “routines” or “tactics” for getting more attention from women. Sometimes these techniques work for a few minutes, or only with particular women (usually the WRONG type of women for the guys), and often they do not work at all.


Because to reach a solid status in fulfilling connections to women, a man MUST know what his mission in life is first. At least this is essential if a man is going to find a woman to last with him FOR LIFE.

Did you know that there is only ONE thing that must be true about a woman if she is to be a fit candidate for marrying you?

Just one.

The MindOS programs will get you working on it.

Here’s why…

The philosopher, Epictetus, and Freud after him said...

“Character is Destiny.”

Stop to think about this.

What they meant by “character” is similar to what you see happen in great films, the type that win Oscars.

What we see in a great film is a “main character” who grows as a man through a series of challenges, until one day he “wins the big one.” He gets the very reward he was seeking with his whole being. In other words, he discovers, follows, lives and executes his MISSION in life as a man.

At the beginning of the film, he has “character flaws” – some handicap, or weakness, or deficit in his psychology. Through the story, he faces many challenges that come up for the most part because his “character flaws” are not fit for carrying him through the trouble without incident. You might say that “trouble finds him,” and that is because of the character he interacts with others through.

The challenges give him specific chances to CHANGE HIS CHARACTER for the better. In other words, a great story is one which makes the character grow, and therefore gives US lessons in personal growth too. He learns more wisdom, better personal boundaries, confidence, courage, assertiveness, self-esteem, ethics and intuition, and so do we along with him.

If by the end of the film, he has WON the challenges by tuning up these little faults and weaknesses, and flaws, he actually completes his LIFE’S MISSION.


In other words, he reaches his life’s DESTINY.

There it is.

As men, we reach the destiny of all we ever wanted for our lives, winning at our personal missions, through growing CHARACTER.

Ultimately, THAT is what the MindOS system lays out for you: the complete, personal, unique tailored path to finding all your skills, talents, and desires, spotting the flaws and weaknesses, and preparing them for the challenges you will inevitably face as a man on a mission.

You will find that in examining and training your own inner psychology with this set of programs, that your mission in life as a man becomes crystal clear – the path to its completion, laid out for you like a roadmap, literally.

MindOS is the “instruction manual” for your mind and your character, as well as those of every person you ever meet, including women. It is an experience as well as an education, and it will develop in you a kind of “Seventh Sense” about people and yourself.

We all have five senses, and some have called “intuition” like having a Sixth Sense. MindOS gives you a Seventh Sense™ - BOTH an intuition about what to do next in your mission in life as a man, but also a knowing WHY you are having the intuition.

You are going to find that no matter how successful or failed you have been, no matter how satisfied or desolate, that MindOS guides the way from where you are now as a man, to where you need to be.

Reach your DESTINY by the ONLY direct route there – empowering your own CHARACTER as a man.

 If You Start With One Advanced Program, Start With This...

If you were going to someday be a racecar driver, you first have to get behind the wheel of the car you have now, and learn how all the instruments work, right?

Then you could work your way up in driving skill, build yourself a better car, and someday have a Formula One machine on your hands.

Well that’s what your character growth is like. You have to learn its “working parts” to be able to do anything further with your life. When you get at that, it is your character which precisely moves you forward into a solid mission for yourself in life.

This is probably the advanced program I feel lays a foundation for both your interactions with women in general, but in your friendships and career ambitions too. It will really give you a DEEP education on all aspects of relating to women while building a life as a man with a mission to accomplish.

When I first put on this program, there were guys who came up to me afterward to say how blown away they were by the extra tactics and big picture thinking for their lives. They thought it would be just a repeat of the MindOS ecourse book.

But it wasn’t just a rehash. When you have a live program, there is all the more opportunity to field tons of questions, the exact type you probably have in mind right now.


Had Trouble Answering These Questions?

  • What do I do about tough choices in life, like job changes, or breaking up with a woman?
  • What do I do when I have more than one woman I am interested in?
  • What do I do when I feel confused about the right path to take in making my way in the world?
  • What do I do about a “difficult” boss or woman or friend?
  • How do I find the RIGHT woman? The RIGHT boss?
  • The RIGHT set of friends for my social circle?
  • What do I do about my past? It’s pretty bad stuff, and bothers me almost all the time.
  • How can I be more attractive to women? To employers, partners or friends?
  • What is my mission in the first place? And how do I get started on it?
I originally created this program for guys who were interested in more of the “inner psychology” of success through character growth… in other words, guys who wanted to learn: how and why certain career paths, friends, and “falling into a slump” come about, how to fix “self image” problems, how to overcome failure with women… and how to “undo” bad programming from earlier in life.

Of course, the program also contains literally HUNDREDS of great tips and techniques for understanding relationships to women, friends, and business connections.

It is important to discover your mission in life as a man, probably before you even get too deeply involved with a woman. What you are meant to do in life can actually help to guide you to the right woman to be on your team. The thing that will make you most successful is your quality of character – what MindOS is all about.

Your character growth leads DIRECTLY to success at your mission in life as a man, and not only that… did you know that we can ONLY ATTRACT women into our lives who are of the SAME CHARACTER maturity as ourselves?

It’s true.

Whether you are 21 or 81, there is ALWAYS more personal growth to do on your character and personality, and that is precisely like lock and key, what brings the quality of women into your life that you now experience, or ever will.

So you see how the MindOS programs affect your destiny as a man not only at career, but also in your dating and relationship life with women.

In short, if you’re going to get started with one of my more advanced programs, START WITH THIS ONE.


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The ultimate material of personal growth, strong boundaries for becoming the man you always wanted to be - vital, passionate, alive, successful, and solid. PLUS get Depresculinity as part of the Bundle!