How to Get Started With the On Demand Program

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The Men's Psychology

On Demand Program

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If you haven't completed your signup for the On Demand Service yet, be sure to go here to get started for $1:

Many who consider signing up for this program wonder if it's really possible to change your whole life for $1.

It is.

One dollar is the cost of your first month's membership, and you can cancel at any time. Ongoing months that most guys stay with, long-term, are $37/month.

First, you're going to be getting our biweekly newsletters entirely free, and even if you leave the $1 program, they will continue for you as long as you like. These will be in the form of one useful article for men - about women, work or being a man. The second one will be a Question and Answer session right from the mailbag of our On Demand forums which anyone can submit to in order for questions to be considered for the newsletter.

For you, as an On Demand Member, you won't just have access to our mailbag, but ALL of the 60000 forum topics that over 5000 other members enjoy.

On top of that, you will have access to the Weekly Teleseminars, a way of connecting with our team live, with your questions and comments on the issues important to men today.


Getting Started

Once you've signed up at:'ll have already chosen a username and password. These will also be sent to you by email, so write them down.

In the upper right part of the main men's site at there is a sign-in button.

Click that and enter your username and password - you are now logged in. Alternatively, you can go to, see your profile and login there.

Then, either go to

...or from hover here:


...then click here:

forum login

You will have arrived at your On Demand Dashboard, which looks like this:


...and you're good to go.

Here's an instructional video on what to do next as you explore...



We're at your service - see you in the forums, and we can talk soon on the teleseminar calls. To dive into how to use those and attend weekly as part of your membership, click HERE!
Until then, enjoy your 24/7 On Demand Membership!




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