Masculine Intelligence

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In our work at Men's Psychology Magazine, we seek to give men a place to speak their minds without fear of being labeled "politically incorrect," judged, scolded, or thought ill of in any way - just for having feelings, emotions, thoughts, senses or natural instinctual masculine reactions to the events of the day, the stories of the week, or the issues of our times.

Masculine Intelligence™ is an ebook and audio program that will get you started in understanding the brain in the way that a man does, thoroughly and completely, but in everyday language that makes sense and is practical for everyday living.

What you will use this program for is to start working on the core areas of your life as a man - your skill with women and dating, advancing your career, and specifically finding and following your "mission" in life - far more than just a job - and making progress in your personal growth in your character and instincts.

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