All's Fair in Love and Career - CIA Career Ju-Jitsu

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All's Fair in Love and Career - CIA Career Ju-Jitsu

An online article from The Wall Street Journal's 'Speakeasy' here describes how the tactics of top CIA operatives can be used to help advance your career or 'mission' progress. Secrecy and strategic thinking are vital parts of masculine instinct and are as old as men themselves. Where there there are groups of people there is politics and strategic communication. Often in the best known spy movies we see our hero fighting on a mission of national importance, real life and death, the fate of nation lying in his hands. We are witness to the great lengths our hero must go to to trick, confuse, attack and defeat enemies of his mission.

From the Mature Masculine Power program we know that each mans personal mission is in actual fact a matter of life and death for him. Success or failure on a chosen mission, on his own or in a team can affect a man's sense of passion for life and in turn how attractive he is to women. It really is a matter of survival. Here we get soem tips on how to make your way in the world of work from one high profile former spook. Interesting stuff.

Read the article here.