D'Angelo Down in the Dumps

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D'Angelo Down in the Dumps

It seems like even Soul legends and sex symbols such as D'Angelo can feel a sense of inadequacy from time to time.

This article reveals that the great savior of U.S. soul and owner of a body women drooled over is now having problems living up to his stud status.

Whilst the article makes a rather flippant point about males suffering form objectification and the negative feelings that can go a long with it, perhaps there's something more serious happen in the soul singers mind. He clearly doesn't feel so good about his body right now, but maybe his career is on the fritz too...

Perhaps D'Angelo is suffering from Depresculinity.

Serious self-image or identity issues are something that many men are having to deal with more and more today and it is the gnawing sense of feeling less than alive that is addressed in the men-only program that deals with male depression called Depresculinty and available exclusively from Mens Psychology.