Attracting Women

Many men have no understanding of the harsh realities of divorce in America.

 Winning at Work

Let me start by saying that I love amateurs. I love being an amateur at ninety-eight of the top one-hundred or so most enjoyable things in life. I wonder where all the amateurs of the world have gone.

 Being of Worth

A new skill for men today, that's been around since the beginning of time...
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How to Maximize "Sexual Polarity" With a Woman

If you understand women, you know that personality is everything in a man.This shows you how to dominate in every other way.
It’s not so simple as just being direct or positive, or getting all the details of what you want in a woman down on paper.
It’s getting the science right, and getting the right girl.
There have been many times in my life that I wanted something I didn’t need, and others that I got something I neither wanted nor needed.
If you practice the first, you’ll also unfortunately probably get the second.

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Being Respectful Does Not Mean Tolerating Bullies

I have something to say to you and you likely have felt it before but not had the words for it.

It's time to go back to basics and talk about something we almost never discuss on their lonesome - Personal Boundaries.

Let's begin with a recent news story - one of the many depicting men as "bad," "derelict," "shunning responsibility," "commitment phobic," or any of a number of other words or phrases that amount to none other than bullying.

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Stun Women With This Universal Personality Skill

If you can learn the skill to recognize the four types of female personality, you will be worlds ahead of other men in attraction and dating.
Maybe if you have a woman in your life right now you are getting dragged out to a particular new movie.
But it’s okay. This movie might offer you far more new insights into women and life than it offers your girlfriend or wife!

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The Four Levels of Leo DiCaprio's Mind

I’m going to assume that by now many of you have seen the mind-bending movie, Inception, with Leo DiCaprio

I was whetting your appetite for Inception in last week's newsletter, and implied that there is something pretty profound in there for you to learn, not just about your dating life, but your own personal growth too.

It’s true.

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Men Who Limit Themselves

We've never commented on this before, because maybe it's just so obvious to many - that women don't really care about your looks, height, hairline, weight and so much else that you are critical of yourself about.


You can learn to boost her self-esteem and raise your level of masculinity in one single move. It's all over when you do this...
If there’s anything we cover DEEPLY in the new Mature Masculine Power Program, it’s the intimate anatomy of what I call the “Circuits of Masculinity.”

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"Fitness Indicators" To Pass All Her "Tests"

Men worry about having enough money, being tall enough, fit enough, hairy enough and strong enough "to be her man." What secretly appeals about your physical look may surprise you...
One of the all-time most popular items surrounding women and dating is the notion that they TEST us as men. Given that men are driven by a hunger for technology, we all want to know the latest of the latest not just in terms of cars or computers, but “social technology” too!