Attracting Women

Anybody and everybody is a dating expert" these days, from a guy who's had "a few good dates" to the guy who looks like Fabio, where's the science?

 Winning at Work

Let me start by saying that I love amateurs. I love being an amateur at ninety-eight of the top one-hundred or so most enjoyable things in life. I wonder where all the amateurs of the world have gone.

 Being of Worth

Once upon a time... He was your hero. In good times and bad, our fathers' lessons never go away, even if they someday do...

One of the great things about working for Men's Psychology is that we get to literally "discover" things about behavior on a nearly daily basis - subtleties about women, work, and your worth as a man that will make total sense to you, but that still have always been confusing, or maybe even caused you pain in the past. How can something that seems so insignificant be the cause of so much pain?

Have you ever been in one of these scenarios as a boyfriend or married guy:

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Turning Shame and Rage Into Masculine Power

Take all that embarrassment and shame, all the rage it causes in you, and transform it to masculinity and the powerful rewards within.
You may have heard it before – that “shame and guilt are not the same thing.”
It’s true. Every therapist says so, and might add that guilt is something that is useful and guides you, while shame is something destructive, pervasive and harms your life and your success.
Also all true.
But what good is this knowledge if we don’t have practical applications?

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How to Maximize "Sexual Polarity" With a Woman

If you understand women, you know that personality is everything in a man.This shows you how to dominate in every other way.
It’s not so simple as just being direct or positive, or getting all the details of what you want in a woman down on paper.
It’s getting the science right, and getting the right girl.
There have been many times in my life that I wanted something I didn’t need, and others that I got something I neither wanted nor needed.
If you practice the first, you’ll also unfortunately probably get the second.

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The Secrets, the Skills, and the Heroic Save

Back from New York and another successful bootcamp for men on attraction and dating, and there is so much to do. For one, there is another bootcamp in Chicago to immediately get charged up for, and for another, there are no less than two new awesome training programs for men, and a remarkable new intellectually advanced On Demand Plus+ Membership we've just launched (hint: next session, TODAY at 5pm CST).

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Propinquity - The Ultimate Urban Benefit

Every now and again you're surprised by something you learn about something you encounter or even work with every day. Maybe you have found that effect in the courses of Men's Psychology Magazine.

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Machiavelli's Four Universal Dating Tips

Machiavelli and his book, The Prince, may be among the most notorious and derided authors and works in history - attacked by the church from day one, and to this day, synonymous with deception and cloak-dagger-politics, espionage and subversive trickery. A closer read may reveal something missing in our understanding:

His original intent was scholarly and meant to benefit the world through what amounts to an elucidation of the male gender instincts (and quite a few of the female gender instincts as well.)

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How To Know If A Woman Likes You

A woman likes you if she looks at you, if she talks to you and lets you talk, if she touches you or lets you touch her, and certainly if she kisses you or has sex with you. You see, there are DEGREES to “liking” and a DURATION to how long and how much you are “liked.”