Attracting Women

Who would have guessed that the stuff of fairy tales could revolutionize a man's dating skills?

 Winning at Work

Let me start by saying that I love amateurs. I love being an amateur at ninety-eight of the top one-hundred or so most enjoyable things in life. I wonder where all the amateurs of the world have gone.

 Being of Worth

It's hard to say a dollar is even worth picking up off the sidewalk anymore, but it really is true that only a dollar can change your entire...
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The End of the World

December 21, 2012 came and went, and whether there was to be a mystery asteroid striking the planet, or sunspots, or whether it was to be a work of Man (like nuclear holocaust) that was to cause the Apocalypse, dates in history and markers of our lives simply remind us of choices - forks in the road where, yes, there may be a need for grief, but there is also an opportunity for transition and renewal.

One of the best quotes about fear, grief, loss and courage as a man in particular that you might have encountered is from Teddy Roosevelt:

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Michael Jordan Wrestles Angels

It's a new year and the stakes in your life couldn't be higher. You just know it's time to finally kick some ass and make things happen for yourself.

You could be in your twenties and for most of your life so far, you couldn't get yourself a girlfriend. You know that if you can't do that, you'll have an even harder time getting on track to the life you want in the future, which might include getting married. You can't even think about career issues right now with a challenge like this.

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How To Be Confident With Women

I have found that in getting very precise with exactly what a word means contains a great deal of power and practicality.

When we are too vague, as in self-help, there is no reliable, repeatable way to work on a skill. When we are too technical in language, the words become uninspiring, unemotional and not enough to move us into action or change.

Which is why I’ve defined precisely nearly every common word in psychology and self-help for you.

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The Ultimate Tip for Going Out Alone

If you are like many men, you detest going out alone socially. Turn the situation on its end, and discover that going out alone is what you ought to have done all along to find success!

I’ve never put out the full story on what exactly happens psychologically for a guy deciding on going out alone - going "stag."

It’s about time, because that’s one of the most frequent questions I get asked – is it better to go out alone? Or with a “wingman?”


I remember a great riddle from when I was in high school - one which was known to reveal those of us with child-like creative wonder (because children always get the answer right long before adults.) It was also an amazing thing to ask a woman on a date, just to see if she too, has a childlike wonderment at the mysteries of the universe.

It goes like this:

"What is greater than God, more evil than the Devil, rich people want it, poor people have it, and if you eat it, you die?"

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Female Wealth and Men Without It

Maybe you are one of those guys who have had a girlfriend with a lucrative career - maybe even factors more profitable than your own - yet somehow you didn't quite mind. You wouldn't be alone but you would definitely be in the minority.

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Steve Jobs Dies

I'm not a technical person and I'm a woman, so technical gadgets etc. don't play a huge role in my life the way they do for many men, but I have to say that I LOVE my iphone like it's a living thing.  I have raved on to friends numerous times about my awe of the technology that Apple created/developed with that phone and the subsequent ipad etc.

I have also always admired how Apple not only withstood the onset of Microsoft all those years ago, but excelled by using innovation and creativity as its centrepiece.