Attracting Women

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 Winning at Work

Let me start by saying that I love amateurs. I love being an amateur at ninety-eight of the top one-hundred or so most enjoyable things in life. I wonder where all the amateurs of the world have gone.

 Being of Worth

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"Fitness Indicators" To Pass All Her "Tests"

Men worry about having enough money, being tall enough, fit enough, hairy enough and strong enough "to be her man." What secretly appeals about your physical look may surprise you...
One of the all-time most popular items surrounding women and dating is the notion that they TEST us as men. Given that men are driven by a hunger for technology, we all want to know the latest of the latest not just in terms of cars or computers, but “social technology” too!

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The Anatomy of Communication With Women

Freud infamously said it first: "What do women WANT?" And even if the myth goes that this is the one thing he could not figure out, a very robust body of knowledge has been built up over the years in the field of psychoanalysis as to what really makes women tick psychologically. Now that Valentine's Day is over, we want to take a look at the literal anatomy of communication itself - to see what lessons it might offer you in terms of your effectiveness at attracting, dating, and if you so choose - finding a satisfying relationship to a woman who's worth doing so.

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Immediate Respect from Women and Strength at Work

All it is is a simple circle. That's what I started with. After hundreds and hundreds of pages of the psychiatry texts of my training, hardly ever were Personal Boundaries even mentioned. And yet they are the most powerful force (beyond our passions), and one of the only forces that make us HUMAN (as opposed to advanced animals.)


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Men: Before Getting Married, Read This Book

Watching a favorite TV show (HBO's Entourage), I realized how clueless men have become toward the ugly realities of divorce in America. Nobody gets married expecting to fail, and cheerful optimism is one of the endearing qualities of newly-married couples. But you don't have to be a cynic to see that most men are simply not prepared, mentally and emotionally, to face the cruelty that a woman can unleash on a man when a marriage crashes and burns.


The American holiday, Thanksgiving, has just passed - a time for doing just as it sounds: expressing thanks for what you have in your life, and your relationships. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, my guess would be that at some time in the past few months you wondered about an aspect of being with a woman for which there is very little advice, instruction or solid, step-by-step actions to take:

What does a woman's capacity to celebrate, and to have gratitude (for YOU) mean about her, and mean about you?

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The Social Injection Exercise

The advantages of the exercise that you are about to learn, for free, will be:

1. You will meet more women, or have a richer connection to the one you're with.

2. You will get a new career direction, resources, and guidance, or inject your current career with all new ideas, teammates, and above all, ACTION.

3. You will know yourself better than you have in years.

Sound worth it? Let's dig in...

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Stun Women With This Universal Personality Skill

If you can learn the skill to recognize the four types of female personality, you will be worlds ahead of other men in attraction and dating.
Maybe if you have a woman in your life right now you are getting dragged out to a particular new movie.
But it’s okay. This movie might offer you far more new insights into women and life than it offers your girlfriend or wife!