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From: Dr. Paul

Let’s face it. Personal coaching from me is NOT cheap.

I have a limited schedule, and a lot of demands, it can be somewhat expensive for most guys.

But the results speak for themselves.

Guys who have attended my bootcamps, and have had one-on-ones with me usually experience a complete and total transformation after working with me personally.

Now you might be thinking:

“Of course I could have that total transformation if I had Dr. Paul personally coaching me. But we’re in a recession right now, money is tight. I just can’t afford $500/hr.”

Am I right?

Well… I’ve got some incredible news.

But you’re going to have to act fast, because while your life is PASSING BY, every minute you are unaware of the most powerful and inexpensive technology a man could ask for…. is, well, another minute that you are being half the man, a tenth the man you already know you should be, could be, and are bursting at the seams to be.

I think we both know it’s already in you, but up to now, you just didn’t know how to get out of your life what you are fully capable of.


Introducing the Men’s Psychology On Demand membership program.

Improving Yourself Is NOT Easy Unless You Know This Secret


Answer the following questions honestly:

  • Have you been searching – maybe even HUNGRY – for a strong mentor or group of mentors that can lead you towards success in your dating, relationships and professional life?
  • Have you ever not taken small, easy steps in your life because no-one seemed to be challenging you to live up to your potential as a real man?
  • Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be as CERTAIN as other men seem to be about WHO they are, WHAT they want, and WHERE their lives are going? (You know the guys who seem to STUMBLE into bright, successful, beautiful women, and the guys who seem to scratch out a one paragraph resume and get offered the presidency of a company almost as if by accident)
  • Do you have a burning desire to get ahead in your life, whether it be the dating life you know you deserve, the career advancement you have known you were meant for ever since you were a boy or the kinds of friends you always SWORE you would hang out with “someday,” but now, in your very real life – TODAY – if you got honest, you really don’t know where to turn for the solution?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you’ve probably been thinking about working on improving yourself for some time. You might have put in a lot of effort towards your goals already. And you’ve probably been making very respectable progress…

If you were to look back 2 years from WHERE YOU ARE NOW, you’ll notice some dramatic changes that have altered the direction of your life.

You’ve been putting in TONS OF EFFORT already!!

The On Demand Program is PERFECT for a guy who wants to make a SMALL change in his skill with women, progress at work, or in his personal growth THIS WEEK.

The On Demand Plus+ Program is PERFECT for a guy who wants to make a LARGE change in his skill with women, progress at work, or in his personal growth THIS YEAR. It’s an even higher level program to check out after being a Classic On Demand Member for awhile first…

Imagine for one second that…

You roll out of bed and know deep down that your life is in your total control. You feel confident. You feel optimistic. You feel in “groove”. You feel total freedom and CHOICE in the women you’re dating. You feel refreshed when you arrive at work and are eager to see what you can accomplish.

You actually know for a FACT – in your BONES – that there happens to be NO OTHER MAN ON EARTH WHO CAN DO WHAT YOU DO for society. You enjoy time with close friends, meet new women, and expand your social circle with exciting, vibrant people that add to your purpose in life.

Not once a year or once a month, but SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.

The truth is, you sometimes tire of planes, ships, and passports because you actually OWE people your time, on THEIR dime, because they are desperate, and really, truly, have nobody else to turn to for solutions but YOU.

Well, that’s my life.

And it’s something I am proud to admit. I’m not of a different species than YOU. I’m just a man who took a lot of hits, learned hard lessons, and helps me make sense of my own hardships to have the privilege to pass these lessons on to YOU.

It’s a way that I can justify and turn to value, what I, like you, wish I didn’t have to have gone through.

It may seem like a world away at times, but if you give me the amount of effort you’re putting in now but FOCUS that same energy with the tools and strategies I’ll give you…

…That life is 100% in reach because I’ve seen client after client do it.

I won’t lie, it can take time, but I’ve found a way to do it faster, easier and with the same amount of work that you’re probably already putting in right now:

How To Create Dramatic, Long-Lasting, Personal Change


If you want to have short and long lasting change in your dating and professional life then I have a simple solution for you.

  • Have you ever watched a “dating expert’s” DVD set and took a few points here and there, but didn’t really see much difference in your actual life?
  • Have you ever taken a course and then completely forgotten it months after?
  • Have you ever had another “life-changing” experience at a self-help seminar only to feel unmotivated, and back in the same rut as before only weeks later?

Believe it or not, this diagram is taught at most high schools, usually at the beginning of the school year, and is probably not remembered by most students.

BUT this diagram has incredible value if you apply what it teaches you…it’s called the Learning & Behavior Change Curve.

I scanned the diagram below out of one of my old textbooks for you.

It took me hard times – a dead father, cheating fiancee, life-threatening health problem, and the tragic possibility that my career could end – to have the common sense to return and discover it’s importance:

The Learning & Behavior Change Curve diagram tells us that:

  • Most ideas or knowledge are never acted upon
  • Most techniques or strategies that are taught as information never get applied
  • Information that is presented is mostly forgotten after 30 days, if no follow-up is present
  • Behavior change only occurs after 21-32 days

Basically, this chart represents your skill-level/knowledge in a specific area.

So, even with the BEST knowledge available…

…if you truly want to be better with dating, sex, your career or your social life, it takes consistent reinforcement to learn the correct tools, understand them, and be continually motivated to implement them.

If you’re serious about putting your life in the direction you want it to be in, then everything else you do is unfortunately but surely, wasting more time and resources than you need to if you’re not following this diagram to some degree.

No wonder most people who try to learn a new instrument never really achieve a high level of playing it.

Most drop out, don’t practice, or take ACTION in the right way.

The new Men’s Psychology On Demand membership is like a laser beam, completely focused on a supplying you a constant stream of motivation, tools, tactics, and techniques to put your dating, sex, relationships and career on OVERDRIVE…

…but only if you ACT!


Why Transforming Yourself By Yourself Is WRONG


Say you wanted to be more confident speaking in public.

You’d most likely enroll in a class with a teacher and other students who are learning how to be public speakers.

You’ll be introduced to new skills, techniques and theories of public speaking so you can streamline your learning curve.

As the weeks of classes go by, you would start to feel more comfortable in public speaking situations. You’d feel a new found confidence for public speaking that you hadn’t before.

You would practice your tonality, volume and pacing. You would receive feedback from others in the classroom and feel a sense of accountability in practicing, rehearsing and learning your new skill. You’d also give your constructive feedback to others in the class and feel a sense of obligation to helping them succeed like you are.

You wouldn’t be unmotivated and stop after the first few classes because you became part of a “feedback loop” for getting you success in this area with the help of others and a proper learning and action- orientated atmosphere.

And that’s why this membership is so powerful…

In fact, spending the last decade helping not just the “man on the street,” but the self-styled “gurus” who position themselves as experts, I’ve found that more often than naught, it’s not WHAT they teach that makes ANY impact at all in a man’s dating or career.

It’s simply that the students went to class TOGETHER.

They formed a kind of BROTHERHOOD, other like-minded men on a MISSION, and formed a TEAM that self-corrects, and “self-helps.”

Imagine what happened for my students when I discovered not only this, but reliable science that is anything but empty marketing gimmicks.


Why Men’s Psychology On Demand Is Different Than
Everything Else You’ve Ever Experienced


Most guys eyes LIGHT UP when they hear about instant, quick fixes to their problems. It’s a very masculine trait because men who value real learning, real and permanent change – “evolution” if you will – tend to take action straight away to FIX THE PROBLEM!

I’m guessing that your one of the few that “get it” and understands that true success usually takes improving yourself in smaller, smarter steps, rather that one big event.

It’s the modern day equivalent to the ancient discipline of being a master swordsman. It takes consistent practice and refinement from a overseeing mentor or group of mentors. Then, and only then are you going to survive the battles.

This process is the adventure of being a man.

Why bother living a long life of interesting plot twists and turns if you can just have it all in an instant.

That would be boring.

It would be empty.

In fact, the instant gratification would kill your spirit as a man as quick as we see the lives of lottery winners turn to mush.


Because, as an example portrayed in the film, Saving Private Ryan, you would have done NOTHING to “earn it.”

A man needs to EARN IT.

This is the essence of masculinity.

It is this upward progress that transforms you into the kind of man that other men LOOK UP TO, and that women FLOCK TO.

You’ve probably watched various DVD programs on getting better with women and read countless books on confidence and charisma…

But after all that…

  • You do NOT feel much more confident than you did at the very start
  • You do NOT feel like you “get” women any better
  • You seem to slump back into bad habits over and over – going back to what felt comfortable.
  • In fact, you don’t feel like you understand the whole dating thing very well… and you’re SICK OF IT.
  • You’re also sick of “gurus” who portray that they have a magic bullet for all your problems.

The difference with this program is that it’s scientifically designed to create permanent change:

  • You won’t just feel more confident, you’ll BE more confident.
  • You won’t just feel like you should be good with women, you’ll BE better with women.

  • You won’t just feel a sense of accomplishment, you’ll BE more accomplished.


Covering A Complete Spectrum Of Topics
From Sexual Attraction & Dating To Personal Growth & Career


What makes the Men’s Psychology On Demand membership critical to your success with women and life is that you’ll transform on the inside and outside.

I created my programs for a good reason: they work.

Now with your Men’s Psychology On Demand membership, you can receive consistent training and motivation to make those programs effective in your life.

Your Men’s Psychology On Demand membership will cover a wide scope of male specific topics, challenges, discussions and goals, including:

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself and your personal goals and values
  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting your self-confidence
  • Developing specific tactics that work for you to dramatically improve your dating life
  • Finding resolution to issues or concerns that come up from time to time
  • Finding new ways to cope with stress and anxiety
  • Transforming your anger, depression, and other emotional pains
  • Improving your communication skills – learning how to listen to others, and having others listen
  • Getting “unstuck” from unhealthy habits – breaking old behaviors and developing new ones
  • Discovering proven ways to solve problems in business and in your personal life


What You Can Expect From Me Personally


You know what “gurus” NEVER tell you about their special little tricks to getting women and money?

My friend, it’s that YOUR purchase of their product – the fame they get out of it – IS the most potent thing in THEIR lives which gets them more women and financial success.

They are FOOLING you.

If I was such a low-class jerk as to sell another “get rich quick” scheme, or yet another “how to meet chicks” seminar, then even after all my training at a very REAL career as a PHYSICIAN, I’d be no better.

I’d be selling out.

I’ll tell you this:

I wouldn’t be able to look in a mirror, because I consider my role as a doctor the REAL career for me.

It’s an honor I am proud of, one which I’ve EARNED, and any programs, business, promotions, or advertisement I do is nothing – NOTHING – more than an expansion and outgrowth of my very real career mission as a doctor.

I still have patients in an office, each and every week. Medicines, therapy, reports, charts, and ongoing training.

It’s REAL.


All my work on the internet, television, radio, magazines, and at live speaking engagements ONLY has meaning for me if YOU find that same spark, that same greatness, and that same potential.

Yours belongs to YOU, and I don’t care a bit whether you “buy” from me, or “believe in my products.”

I am a REAL physician, with a REAL career, no matter what.

YOU are my concern. And your success is my own measure of my skill.


Not selling, branding, beating “the business competition,” or convincing audiences to look at me, look at me, look at me…

Science works and men everywhere deserve its benefits.


If results are what matter to you, then this membership is your fail-safe option, backed with proven tools and techniques.


How Much Is It Worth To You To Get To The Next Level
In Your Personal and Professional Life?


If you were to give me the total cost of your cell phone bill last month, what would it be?

$50? $80? $100?


Chances are you spend near these amounts every month on your cell phone bill, or other gadgets. Premium cable goes for upwards of $75 a month these days!

Your Men’s Psychology On Demand membership costs LESS than any of those amounts. You’ll have access to a $500/hour psychiatrist for less than $15 per “session”. Not to mention the great support of other guys like you helping each other towards common goals – BROTHERHOOD.


Here’s How It All Works…


For only $37 dollars a month, you’ll become a Men’s Psychology On Demand member and get instant access to:

Weekly Live Q&A Teleseminars with Dr. Paul
Participate live via your phone, web or download the MP3 after. Members can submit questions online before or speak live with Dr. Paul and other members discussing the weeks topics. Some previous topics include: Issues of Sexual Attraction, How To Have the Vibe of a Real Man, Choosing Mentors and Guides, On Trusting Women and Cheating.
Men’s Psychology On Demand forum
Discuss topics, share goals, ask questions, and find answers from other members and coaches with unlimited access.
The Men’s Psychology Wiki – A Virtual Library
An innovate online, member-only virtual library (like Wikipedia) that stores hundreds of cross-linked reference pages with definitions, diagrams, examples and video which provides you a clearer understanding of Dr. Paul systems and materials.
Online coaching with under 24-hour response times
Want an experts opinion? Get personalized answers from my certified coaches via the Dr. Paul Private University forum with 24-hour response times typical. (Max 2 questions/week)
Bonus Audio and Video materials *
Interviews with experts, full programs, free ebooks and much more.

You will be getting these bonuses:

BONUS 1 : Advanced Masculine Inteligence – ebook and audio ($97 Value)

Now you can get access to our deepest, most current research into being a man in today’s world. If you’re looking for faster, more fulfilling results in the most challenging areas of your life, then this is a MUST READ!

BONUS 2 : Wisdom Of A Champion Boxer ($200 Value)[*Available to On Demand members after 1 month of membership]

As my gift to you, I want to give you the MP3 version of one of my bestselling programs, Wisdom Of A Champion Boxer.

The boxer is Carl, who spilled the beans on his best secrets about getting women of his choice, his fame, fortune, and eventually his WIFE of choice. A real man who has fought deadly men. A man who has faced DEATH every week of his adult life. A father, husband, and real man.

BONUS 3 : Masculine Intelligence in Men’s Motivation Video ($149 Value) [*Available to On Demand members after 3 months of membership]

BONUS 4 : Superhero Masculinity Audio Program MP3 Download ($179 Value) [*Available to On Demand members after 6 months of membership]

These programs will ensure that your motivation and learning will always be continuing.

These wonderful programs are not available elsewhere. Only to those who join the Men’s Psychology On Demand membership today.


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30-day Trial

$1, then $37 / month

  • Weekly Teleseminars
  • On Demand Forum
  • Men’s Psychology Wiki
  • Audio Bonuses *
  • Video Bonuses *
  • Save $90/year

 * Access to certain bonuses might be dependent on how long you are an On Demand member.