Private Sessions With Dr. Paul

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You Can Meet With Dr. Paul Privately, by Phone, Skype, or In Person

The sessions do not constitute medical treatment. If you suspect you have a medical illness, consult a local professional, as there is no substitute for the gold standard of local, in-office therapy.

You may want to start with a FREE, 10-Minute Private Phone Evaluation With Dr. Paul.

Sessions are in the capacity of addressing men's issues as an author and expert in the area of personal growth, dating, relationships, and men's issues. There is NO prescribing. NO insurance accepted - fee for service only, and the longer the appointment, the greater the value.

A Six-Hour LIVE session or Bootcamp is HALF the per-hour price of a single hour.

Men's Psychology also attends to all men's concerns in any communications venue - live, by phone, skype, forum, teleseminar (groups), and via the Men's Psychology Programs - and on any budget. Consider the above options that meet your need before booking a private session.

However, any session you book with Dr. Paul, you will receive a FREE download of ALL Men's Psychology ebooks for your preparation for the session, and for further study.


You're a Man, and Men Need Advice, Strategy and Skill-building From a Specialist in Men's Issues

No not Freud, but no less thoughtful, accurate, and willing to go deep into your history, challenges, and potential specifically as a man - just younger, and in the prime of life like you are. You may have seen him helping men in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Men's Journal, or any of a number of television and radio media, where Dr. Paul is one of the most sought after specialists in the world in men's psychology issues, skills, advice, decision-making, and personal development in the areas of dating and relationships, mood problems, anger issues, career stresses and transitions, bullying, divorce, job loss and other traumatic experiences for men.

He is available to you personally and privately, through 30 minute, 60 minute and full evening trainings in all areas of a man's life:women, dating and relationships

  • * work, and career stresses
  • * psychological trauma and personal challenges
  • * as well as general personal growth and mood problems



The private, 6-hour LIVE, IN-PERSON evening sessions can be used for purposes of

  • Live Training out on the town in Dating and Attraction Bootcamps
  • Personal Growth and Transformation training
  • Or comprehensive life analysis - all one on one.


Book a Session for Yourself, and at Your Convenience, Right NOW:

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