Product – Depresculinity

Depresculinity – Male Specific Depression

Self-Esteem Skills and Power that are for Men-Only

Chances are that you aren’t clinically depressed, or even “sad.”

But chances also are that you don’t feel fantastic about your life, your work, or your relationships with women.

Guess what? It’s not your fault really… There is something MAJOR happening in our culture. The Depresculinity Program addresses it, deals with it, and before you know it you will be back to feeling the way you were always supposed to – vital, passionate, “really living,” and feeling “like a man again.”

Next, it’s not good enough to just have needs as men. We have to learn about the parts of our brains and minds that work together to build a life. We start with the model of the mind sometimes referred to by the Evolutionary Psychologists (after all, we are always trying to grow and “evolve” as men), called the Triune Brain Model. In this model we see the skills of your mind, biologically, as having three functions:

The Reptilian Brain – an area of the mind responsible for your instincts, sexuality and sexual attraction, and your sense of vitality,passion and “feeling alive.” These are your ”gut instincts” as a man, the sense of masculinity itself rests here, and the skills to be learned have sometimes been called “Machiavellian,” or simply in our terminology, Masculine Gender Instincts.

The Mammalian Brain – an area of your mind responsible for emotions, friendship, bonds with others, and teamwork, this area of the mind has a dependence on personality style and seeks out feelings we call “love” as opposed to just sexual attraction. Love is a part of friendship, and the bonding emotions involved also hold a team together, a family, or a community. It is essential to understand this area of the mind if you are to build a work team, choose business partners, start a family, lead an organization, or ever find a lasting love bond with a woman.

The Higher Brain – an area of your mind that makes us fully human and set apart from other animals, it is the center of logic, sophisticated reasoning, intellectual pursuits, education, experience, wisdom in your decisions, as well as the good boundaries with others of politics, leadership, and very uniquely standing out from the crowd as an individual – a man of maturity of character andgentlemanliness. This is the refinement of being a man, and the ultimate guide to your rank, status, and leadership in society, the ability to commit to a woman and screen others for that ability, to ultimately find a unique life’s story, and a marriage if you so choose that will absolutely work. Its principles rest in the words of Epictetus, and Freud after him: that ”Character is Destiny.”


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