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Gentleman’s Toolbox – E-Book

Always have something to say and do

Gentleman’s Toolbox contains 101 Foolproof Things To Say and Do With Women When You Aren’t Sure What To… for Stunning Success at Attraction

Do your interactions with women border on an interview process and you just want to create a massive influx of charisma into your life, but don’t know where to start?

Here are the three common mistakes men make when socializing with women:
-Being too average
-Trying to fit in
-Talking like a job interview

What is a normal guy supposed to do out there when interacting with women, especially with guy that have had years of social experience?

You need to step up your interactions, to the next level.

That’s why the Gentleman’s Toolbox is a must have for every guy who wants his unique edge.

Why Science Recommends Fun
Being a Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist… I use real, scientific reasons to have the kind of social fun I do. Using these methods of approach, fun, and discussion with women, I have not only had years of fun, but deep insight into the kind of women I was spending my valuable time on, the things I like and dislike about unique individuals I meet, and above all, a way to have fun while sorting through the waves of available single women out there, to find the right type for me.

As we move through the 101 fun activities, you will see how each technique analyzes a particular part of a woman’s psychology exposing her nature to you as well as putting your best foot forward in attracting her. These fun activities can be enjoyed with a wingman, a group of friends, or out by yourself.

Only an EXPERIENCE of you that matches what will get her emotions revved up will open her door – That is what this The Gentleman’s Toolbox is all about… creating an experience for YOURSELF that makes socializing and dating fun in a masculine, and yet at times, playful, adolescent way.

Here’s A Small Taste Of What Awaits You In The Gentleman’s Toolbox
1. A secret technique, taught by natives that will get the attention an entire party with one, subtle hand gesture

2. An opening line, that will tell you instantly if the woman you are talking to is “relationship material” or not

3. Understand how some spontaneous wordplay can make the difference between a phone number or a rejection

4. ONE TRICK that will tell you immediately if she is ready to kiss

5. Captivating stories that you can use to capture a woman’s attention and increase her sexual desire for you.

6. Simple techniques that will create romantic memories for her that she will cherish for her entire life

7. Specific tactics that you can use to escalate physically, without making her feel uncomfortable

8. Learn how to deal with competitive alpha males, with a simple tactic that will trump them every time

9. Tactics you can use anytime to immediate get out of your head and into the present. After reading this book, you will never be at a loss of things to say to a woman again

10. Discover how to use your body language to demonstrate dominant, alpha male behaviors specifically design to evoke feelings of sexual attraction

11. Learn how to make any date exciting and fun, using over 100 scientifically proven tactics and techniques. Test a woman’s intelligence using this simple, subtle game

12. Is she attracted to you? Find out within seconds using this trick

13. How to comfortably be the center of attention and have groups of people hanging on your every word

14. Learn the structure of storytelling, and how come up with stories on the fly that are entertaining, captivating and insanely effective with women

15. Get outside your comfort zone with some BOLD social maneuvers which will attract women and increase you confidence over time. These methods are based in science and proven to be effective

16. Be playful and more physical with women from now on. Learn some techniques that will allow you to push social boundaries WITHOUT coming across as creepy. This move will work the very first time you try…

17.Understand women at a deep level using contemporary myths and movie plotlines, which are rooted in our psychology

18. Learn fun magic tricks that can be used anywhere to evoke a feeling of childlike amazement and create a persona for yourself of mystery and intrigue

19. Use role playing games and techniques that will instantly create a bond between yourself and any woman you talk to

20. Use a trick designed to test a woman’s self esteem. Be responsible with this one though, for it can cause anger and pain to an immature woman. If she is mature enough for a relationship, she will giggle and play along with you naturally

21. Put women into a state of wonder by showing a deep knowledge of spirituality, science, the afterlife, unexplained mysteries, unsolved crimes and supernatural events

22. How to use “text game” to show creativity and reduce the number of “flakey” phone numbers you get. This method trumps anything you have ever learned about “phone game” in the past

23. Using this game, or tactic, you can dream up all the types of things that women just LOVE, and feel strong positive emotion to, then escalate things as she “associates” the feelings to you in friendship

24. Use a playful technique to change her mood instantly. This is based in psychoanalysis and all you have to do is shift her gaze into a specific direction. It is so effective that is scary

25. Learn how to use small gifts and positive gestures to evoke feelings of bonding, love and attraction in women. You can create positive emotions using this method without giving up ANY of your “social value.”

26. Learn games to play with woman, that not only put you in a great mood but tell you almost everything you need to know about her character

27. Use my favorite game that puts everyone in a fun, spontaneous social state of mine and creates a vibe that women cannot resist

28. Learn some tactics that will allow you to break into any social clique without coming across as weird or creepy. Use this to befriend a group of strangers in minutes

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