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Mind OS Mastery Program

The Operating System of the Human Mind

 This Patent-Pending Technology is the First Ever Visual Depiction of Psychology -Your Psychology

Discover the “Why” and the “Fix” to Your Behavior and Let Science Lead You to Success Every Time!

Success with Women, Career-Mission and Personal Worth await…

If I were to stand at the front of a room and ask everyone in it, “What do you really want from life?” I might get 30 answers.

Someone would shout out, “Happiness!” Another might say, “Success.” And a third may even say, “Freedom!

“Respect!” Someone else pipes up. “Peace of Mind.” “Authority.” “Power”.

You get the idea. We all have these vague notions of what we want. We tend to think that if we just have “this one thing,” life will be perfect.

Interestingly enough though, ask the successful man if he’s happy. Most stock brokers make a lot of money, but are shackled by “golden handcuffs.” Recently divorced and homeless people certainly have freedom. But are they happy? Most often the answer is “No.”

If you met someone who was quite bright but due to where he lived had very little opportunity, he could tell you he was happy. But due to his circumstances, he may not be successful – at least in the way the rest of the world defines success.

Or the man you most respect if he has self-respect. Or if any of them truly have peace of mind.

What most of us fail to understand is that there is one thing in life we are all searching and striving for. We may not know how to define it, but if we could achieve it, we would truly live a great life.

In a minute, I’ll tell you exactly how YOU can achieve this noble goal. But first, you should understand a little about how your mind works.

If you understand how your mind works, you’ll be able to “bring everything you’ve got” to getting what you want. If you don’t know how your mind works, it’s like driving blind. You could go somewhere, but more than likely you’ll crash first – hurting yourself and anyone who happens to be near you.

Your Mind: The Operating System for Your Life

Just as every computer has an operating system, you have an operating system as well. It’s your mind. That’s the part of the brain you use for thinking, reasoning, perception, emotion, memory and will, among other things. All important functions when you want to reach a goal.

If your computer’s operating system functions at peak efficiency, everything runs well. Processing happens quickly. You can easily perform complicated calculations. Or manage large images and files.

But, if your operating system gets a virus… watch out! No matter how nice your computer looks, if it’s not working properly, you won’t get the results you want.

This is true of our minds as well.

And if you’re like most people, you certainly haven’t achieved all the results you want in your life, have you?

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with your mind. Quite likely there isn’t. But what I can tell you is you’ve probably never peeked into the operating system to see how it works.

And if you don’t know how it works, you can’t expect it to operate at peak efficiency, can you?

Let’s go back to my original statement, “Every man is desperately searching for this one thing – but not one in a million knows what it is.”

It’s not happiness – yet that’s part of the picture.

It’s not success – by itself.

It’s not self-esteem or confidence or intelligence or wisdom. But all of those are certainly ELEMENTS of what you desire deep down at your core.

What Your Soul Craves – at its Deepest Level – is Something Called “Durable Fulfillment”

This is what every man seeks. It defines our mission and purpose in life. It’s the difference between living well and merely existing.

And it’s why some people come to the end of their life satisfied they’ve accomplished their mission in life and others die filled with regrets.

Stay with me for a little longer and I’ll show you exactly how to achieve this most noble of goals. But first, let me explain what Durable Fulfillment means…

There is a simple formula for Durable Fulfillment. One you need to keep in mind as you read the rest of this page.

Happiness + Success + Freedom + Durability = Durable Fulfillment

Here’s the thing though…

We can define durability quite easily: Something that lasts.

But what IS “happiness?” Or “success?” Or even, “freedom?”

If we had a clear cut picture of what these are – psychologically speaking – we could then quantify them. And set goals to actually “achieve” them – instead of just having vague notions of what they might look like.

That’s the very reason I developed this new approach to psychology that unifies every theory in the field and creates a sharp definition of each of these three goals and then plots them on a new kind of map so you can fulfill that deep ache in your soul: Durable Fulfillment.

I call this breakthrough program MindOS- as in Mind Operating System.

Let me be frank here:

This is cutting edge science. Not based on opinions or hearsay or even one person’s experience. This is a repeatable process which works no matter who uses it. If you take the same actions, you get the same results as I do – or your colleague at work.

A New Way of Looking at Your Mind – and How to Make it Work for You

The best part is this: Follow the map and you can gain complete control over the functions of your mind. And once you understand how to master your own mind, you can then work with others to achieve your own goals and help them achieve theirs.

But MindOS is more than a map. It’s image based technology that shows you – in detail you’ve never experienced before – EXACTLY how your mind (not your brain!) operates. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

It’s the ultimate program for achieving your goals… your dreams… and your highest ambitions.

MindOS is the culmination of over 15 years of “in the field” work. Not just theory. Every principle taught is proven through many experiments. Hours of careful observation coupled with an intimate understanding of the field of psychiatry

Once inside the program you’ll discover:

  • How to bring “everything you have” to the table every time
  • A problem solving model that never fails
  • The secret to success, happiness AND freedom all wrapped together – forever!
  • The ultimate solution to any problem of life
  • The one skill you need to master that will change your perspective on everything – giving you almost super power abilities to live life on your own terms
  • Why you continue to make the same mistakes over and over and how to change your outcomes immediately
  • The secret of Oscar winning movies that you can apply to your life today for instant change
  • How to address the four areas of psychology to finally solve every problem you ever face – from bad credit to trouble with women
  • A picture of what the mind looks like, how it functions and how you can control your own – and the minds of others to get what you (and everyone else) really wants from life
  • FINALLY SOLVED! Exactly what your mission in life is – and how to go about achieving it
  • An amazing short cut to personal growth
  • What to do about problems which seem “bigger than everything you’ve got”
  • Secrets to building your character so very few problems are bigger than you
  • The only three inner resources you’ll ever need to address
  • The proper tools for combating stress, failure, and being trapped, “overwhelmed”, “confused”, “unmotivated”, or any other word you use to describe your “problem”
  • How letting go of this one thing reduces stress levels allowing for better, happier, more fulfilled life (p-57)
  • The root of all suffering and a simple fix to ensure less of it
  • And much more!


MindOS – The Last Tool You Ever Need to Buy to Finally Create the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

If I could show you the fastest, most effective way to make lasting changes in your life, would you finally stop chasing every “shiny penny” and apply your new found knowledge?

Of course you would! Once you have a proven map to follow, you would do everything in your power to use that map until you’ve reached every one of your goals. At least I know I would.

And that’s what I’m offering you – the chance to make lasting change which leads to that ultimate, soul deep desire to achieve Durable Fulfillment.


 The kind of fulfillment which allows you to enjoy life in ways you never thought possible. Filled with happiness, freedom and success. The way life was supposed to be lived.

Listen carefully…

MindOS has the power to transform your life. I know that sounds like hype… but it’s not. Here is what some of my students are saying about their experiences before and after MindOS:


'You Changed My Life'
I wanted to thank you for a couple of reasons.  One, for accepting my friend request!  And two, because you have changed my life with the “Inner Game” program you did with David D.

Really helped me transfer from an insecure chump who couldn’t get over a past relationship to a guy who’s really solid mentally and very secure with himself and the decisions he makes in his life now.  And I really only have you to thank with your “boundaries/gold mine” thought process method (Mind OS if you will…) and your KWML program.  So thank you SO much.  Words cannot express my gratitude for helping me mature from a boy into a man!



Dr. Paul, I wanted to send a testimonial your way to express my highest gratitude and thanks to you and your staff at the Omega Seminar. Simply put; the event was transformational, and even spiritual towards the end when you applied EMDR in front of the group.

For your readership, I want to give a frame of reference to how and why I made the decision to come out to Chicago February 6-8th. I have been studying MindOS for the last 2 years and I credit your technology with helping me build the skills and character to leave a dead-end going nowhere position with a bad company to acquiring a great position with a Fortune 100 company and nearly doubling my income. When I started seeing MindOS principles applied and in action over these past 2 years I knew that this was some powerful technology and I wanted the opportunity to meet you in person before this stuff blows up big time.

In addition, even with learning MindOS, I think I reached a plateau in my personal development. The missing piece to me was the one-on-one mentorship that you and your staff promised to deliver. And deliver they did. First, your coaching staff is awesome. Those guys are the definition of cool and also the kind of people I would love to sit down, hang out with, and have a beer with absolutely anytime. Secondly, the personal instruction and insight you personally gave to me had an instantaneous and unbelievable effect on the women I interacted with on Saturday night. It was awesome to have the opportunity to meet you in person.

It’s only been one day since the seminar, but I can’t wait to get out there, take action, and apply my newly discovered superpowers in my city. Thank you. Guys, do whatever it takes to get involved with what Dr. Paul is doing. Wherever you’re at, and no matter what your personal life goals are, apply his technology and it will transform your life. Dr. Paul, thanks for the beer too. I owe you one. Warm regards,

Jimmy, Toronto, CA  

This is All Great, Dr. Paul… But How Much Does This Cost?

MindOS is cutting edge science. In fact, it’s so far advanced I’ve applied for a patent on the technology.


That means you’ll only find this material available here. Nowhere else.

That also means I could charge anything I want for the program. Because there’s literally zero competition.

Sure, you could spend 15 plus years… go through med school… get your MD in psychology (like I did) and create your own picture of the mind.

But imagine what you could accomplish in those same 15 years if you were to take this material and APPLY it to your life starting today.

Where would you be in 15 years? Or even five years… or next year if you’re really ambitious?

  • Working in your dream job… or running a hugely profitable business? Maybe even retired and living life on your terms?
  • In a deeply satisfying relationship with the person you absolutely know “completes” you?
  • Spending time doing the things you love to do… travel, volunteering… or however you wish you could spend your leisure time?

And how much is that kind of life worth?

Isn’t this what we all strive for? And I’m handing you a proven roadmap to this exact life. And really, this isn’t just a plain old “road” map. It’s a treasure map.

In order to get this same kind of training at the corporate level, companies pay me and my team $2,500 to $7,500 – and sometimes more – for short (one to three day) seminars.

And if you were to book an hour of my time for personal consultation on these materials, expect to pay at least $500. And frankly, this program is worth a lot more than $497.

 MindOS Mastery Program: Streaming Video Series PLUS companion ebook: Yours today for just $49!



You get INSTANT streaming access to the complete MindOS Mastery Program so you can study and implement this information at your own pace


When you click the link below, you’ll be taken to a secure check out page, where you’ll be asked to enter your name and credit card details.

I want you to experience a whole new level of success that will work because it’s based on years of going out and trying it! It’s changed my life, the lives of thousands of other men, and it will change yours too…

Can you rise to the challenge that handling this part of your life WILL require of you? Men who don’t have the theories and tactics based on real science that’s found in the MindOS program, will have a great disadvantage throughout their lives. Don’t be one of them.

Order your copy of MindOS Mastery Today! 

Just $49


Now I truly want to help you get the most from life. After all, it’s MY mission to help other men in their work, with women and at being a better man.

About Dr. Paul and Men’s Psychology

Dr. PaulDr. Paul has a passion for helping men with relationship, work and issues of personal worth. Specializing in the science behind behavior, he helps men reach their full potential.

When the media needs an expert opinion, Dr. Paul is the first person they contact. He’s been featured on CNN, NBC and countless  television interviews. He’s also written for Men’s Health, Psychology Today and New York Magazine among other publications. Dr. Paul’s books have been published by Penguin Books.


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