Being a Man of Action

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Hi Dr Paul, I have noticed recently that many men I know are getting a little thought heavy. To quantify this though, some of the men are theorizing and literally bludgeoning a conversation to death through analysis. Yes of course we need to have the caring aspect of looking out for each other but what are these guys doing at the moment? What steps are they taking to improve their lives? What are they engaged in at work? At school? In their social circles?

Most of the talks recently have been from what has happened to them. One of the key things you teach is that you can and ought to be the originator of actions in your life i.e. have an internal locus of control.

To that end where are the chronicles of their lives? What are they hoping to achieve in the short term? The medium term? The long term? I wish they'd contribute more and tell me what they're doing

I'd say 95% of the guys that have been chatting to me have gotten in this state here because they didn't get adequate fathering and were heavily nurtured. Men need to be a community who have learned to be our own fathers and ones who take action.

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Men need to be masculine to feel GREAT about life.

Masculinity is located in the reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain is NONVERBAL, and pertains to the body, as well as instincts.

Instincts are NONVERBAL, and result in ACTION.

Taking ACTION is most masculine.

Do so.

There it is.

I raised my weekly workload 25% recently just to reintroduce the Men's MISSION OF THE WEEK as a special weekly program separate and distinct from the On Demand Forum, but complementary to it.

These missions are designed to spur ACTION based on the great ideas and discussions here.

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