Women Who Make Men Jealous

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Hi Dr Paul,

When a woman tries to make a man jealous is it to test him, motivate him to chase her or just plain immaturity? I have read other posts about the two types of jealousy (good-territorial and bad-losing mommy) but am still not sure whether to accept it as part of the courtship dance, bust her on it or even just discount her and move on.

Thanks in advance.

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Solid Answer:
Let me summarize...

First off, welcome to posting!

I like the advice of both men and women going on here. Weigh and measure the combination.

When we use a word like "jealousy," how accurate are we being?

I suppose a handful of women might purposely "use jealousy" as a manipulative thing, but that would be few and far between.

What we are usually referring to by the word regarding women is really something they do UNCONSCIOUSLY - which is the same as "instinctually" - and is the same as normal, natural, unwittingly "reptilian" femininity...

Which is to say that - as Janny observes - is most often an OPPORTUNITY, not a nuisance or hassle. It means she is presenting a chance to "be a man" or put your manly wares on display (steps 2-3 of sexual attraction)...

...which is an INVITATION (by her unwitting unconscious) to "win her over."

As we know from the Omega, WINNING is GOOD, and pumps up your degree of masculinity (which is then further attracting to women, makes you feel passion for life itself, be positive and in a good mood)...

...so the only proviso on this word "jealousy" is to rule out the negative, manipulative kind in a woman by way of checking to see if she has a hopeful, "cheerleading" vibe to her AS SHE CHALLENGES YOU.

Like a "wink and a nod" even while she is "difficult" or "hard to get" or makes comments about "needing a real man" or "are you man enough" etc.

A hostile woman who is manipulative is to be avoided, but a woman who is challenging yet friendly, charming, teasing etc, is to be welcome in a way that some members here are imbued with - a "bring it on, baby" bravado attitude.

To which, if she is a keeper, she will smile or blush, not express disdain.

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