Yes, I Feel Like a (New) Man!

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Dr. Paul,
I am glad we spoke. Your work has been tremendously helpful to me. In fact my best memories started with following your advice in the interview you did with David D in his Dating Gurus series.
I've wanted to tell you the story for a while...Cliff note format:
About to graduate college while working on feature films in New Orleans.....still scared of many things especially approaching women in clubs, especially when traveling solo....
1. Listened to interview.
2. Rented Count of Monte Cristo from Blockbuster
3. Intrigued and scared of the  "Jump off the cliff" metaphor...then..
4. Hurricane Katrina came, destroyed my apt and flooded the Blockbuster....I literally could not go back to return the Story..I had to make a choice..
5. Took last dollars and approached several beautiful women in exclusive clubs night after night...much success.....conquering one of my worst fears since middle school.....
6. Flew to NY, practiced on still more seal in the lessons...
7. Came to Houston, went to downtown club by myself, met two guys (who turned out to be drug dealers)...they got me into an exclusive club where I..
8. Met my wife...a former model who is just an incredible person all around.......(pic attached)
Throughout the above I watched The Count of Monte Cristo dozens of times and have utilized your diagrams and formulas to clarify tough situations. Especially: Boundaries + Do Courage + Self Nurturing....
And the icing on the cake:
When I returned to New Orleans, I ended up working with both lead actors James Caveziel aka Edmond Dantes  & Guy Pierce aka Fernand  in two separate film projects..