The Attraction Transformation Suite

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Imagine... Having The Woman You Want, With The Life You Want:
Your Attraction Ability Completely Transformed!

Get the Secret, Hidden Virtual Bootcamp Program, the Omega Male Program, the Virtual Dating Coach, and the Gentlemen's Toolbox and Sending ebooks in One Package!


This Training Is So Solid, We GUARANTEE the Results

If you have followed along with our research and development over the years, then you know that we have delivered all manner of education to men on the latest, hottest technologies in attraction, dating and personal growth. So many men are trapped in a confusing maze of what it is that women want, and what skills they need to finally have the lives they really want.
There is a whole story leading to how this current program came about...
We started with the Omega Male Program on disk, and found that the detailed, accurate, repeatable scientific principles were near FLAWLESS at helping men attract dates, and later turn dates into solid girlfriends, then months to years later, a flood of letters would pour into my inbox about how I've been invited to hundreds of weddings.
Sometimes, however, men needed DIRECT, IN PERSON HELP. So we started doing LIVE Bootcamps for men.  By and large, men had to travel, sometimes many thousands of miles to train with us. It was expensive for them and expensive for us to serve in this way - but I decided men needed this and we did it anyway.
Still, some couldn't afford the travel costs or tuition, even when I made them a zero-balance for Men's Psychology, no gain for us except satisfied, transformed men (which is more than enough reward for me)...
So we invented the Virtual Dating Coach from scratch - a program which lets you go out on the town in YOUR TOWN, and helps you COACH YOURSELF using my courtship and attraction systems. Many took advantage of this program, and we soon found that it was invaluable at training new coaches to coach LIVE, as well as serving as a literal "artificial intelligence" driven course that serves as a "practical applications" module for the Omega. Men could then literally experience a bootcamp without having to travel to see us LIVE.
However, even with these technological advances, we found that men STILL need someone to take the reins, and LEAD such "personal bootcamps." We see the incredible results in thousands of letters like this one below...

Where Men Have Found Dignity...

...Through Growing New Skills...

...And a New Way of Life.

Also included in The Attraction Transformation Suite.....

We have a few things to get ready for this special program.

There are five teleseminars we secretly produced, and never released publicly, and at large -  called the Virtual Bootcamp! These were men who took the Omega Male Program's teachings on everything to do with attracting, women, dating them, and selecting a girlfriend or wife, combined them with the amazing, "artificial intelligence-like" Virtual Dating Coach - a set of audios to literally take with you when going out on the town and training yourself in how to have more success with women...


...but then we actually recorded the guys' results night by night for FIVE NIGHTS, with feedback and instruction on audio each session. In the end, it resulted in a very robust way of placing yourself on one of three TRACKS with women and dating:


1. Just Dating - playing the field" and enjoying a vibrant dating life.

2. Having or Choosing a Girlfriend - what to do about every aspect

3. Having or Choosing a Wife - everything to know, say or do regarding marriage, for men ONLY.


If you do not yet OWN the Omega Male Program (and the FREE, accompanying Virtual Dating Coach audio program - the "practical applications module"), you will need that to participate in this program.


We Decided to Package the Omega, and Include the Virtual Dating Coach... ...but top them off with the highly useful Gentlemen's Toolbox ebook and Sending ebook, as well as the Virtual Bootcamp make the most ROBUST program on Attraction and Dating we could devise.

Imagine the new feeling of PRIDE—and satisfaction—you will have when you can approach a woman anywhere, get her number, and quickly create SEXUAL & EMOTIONAL chemistry. This kind of skill has more than just a few benefits...

Many men only WISH they had this kind of specialized knowledge years ago, when they were newly divorced and didn't know talk to a woman to SAVE THEIR LIFE, much less ask her on a date or form a solid relationship.

Well, you can have it RIGHT NOW, and it can help you meet the beautiful woman that will almost CERTAINLY be walking through your life as soon as TOMORROW.

...So the big question is—are you going to be able to meet her? (Or keep her?)

Yes you WILL, through this program.


And it doesn't matter whether you are single and have trouble getting dates in the first place... ...single and you have trouble getting women you date to become girlfriends... ...or MARRIED, and have trouble getting what you want and need out of your MARRIAGE!


This program is for the WHOLE MALE LIFESPAN of relating to women.


Here's How the Virtual Bootcamp Will Work

1. You get the Omega Male Program and the accompanying Virtual Dating Coach, when your order comes through, then you will IMMEDIATELY be sent through to the Virtual Bootcamp downloads, that ONLY YOU can access. When you get this suite of programs, then you will IMMEDIATELY be sent the downloads to put into your MP3 player - dig into those programs to prepare yourself for your OWN VIRTUAL BOOTCAMP YOU RUN FOR YOURSELF, which means that the earlier you get your hands on them, the better. Get through at least the first THIRD of the Omega, and PART II of the Virtual Dating Coach audios. Then you're ready to use the VB program every day FOR FIVE DAYS.

You will amplify your results with women a HUNDRED-FOLD by digging into these programs even a small amount BEFORE the WEEK-LONG VIRTUAL BOOTCAMP. 


2. Each day, Monday through Friday during your following week, there will be a special Virtual Bootcamp Audio that you can play on your MP3, to chart your progress with me, my coaches, and men who already have benefited from the Omega Male Program or our LIVE Bootcamps, and want to either help other men like you, or learn how to coach themselves. Don't worry, you can always download them when it's convenient and uninterrupted.



3. There will be a daily focus on one major area, leading to the expectation of a date, a strong lead on a girlfriend, or a more solid marriage (depending which of these three situations you are in) BY WEEK'S END.


Thus, THIS program. Now you can train in your own town, avoid the travel, and the only cost to you is getting your hands on the TRAINING MATERIAL itself, in the form of the powerful combination - the OMEGA MALE PROGRAM and the VIRTUAL DATING COACH, plus the VIRTUAL BOOTCAMP, all for the cost of a fraction of the sum total - over THIRTY FIVE HOURS OF DIGITAL TRAINING in all!

Go HERE, get the Omega and Virtual Dating Coach, and get ready to do a VIRTUAL BOOTCAMP TOGETHER with me by MP3 for a whole week! The Downloads will AUTOMATICALLY be sent to you.

The Attraction Transformation Suite

Get the Secret, Hidden Virtual Bootcamp Program, the Omega Male Program, the Virtual Dating Coach, and the Gentlemen's Toolbox and Sending ebooks in One Package!