Shifting the Emotional State of Others

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Shifting the Emotional "State" in Others

As we dig into another practical daily skill or knowledge to have at your disposal as a man, stay awake and aware for opportunities to use it, test it and benefit from it TODAY.

A Real Man can INFLUENCE (but never CONTROL) the emotional state of others. And the perfect place to start with for positive communication is in their EMOTIONAL STYLE.

Today we are going to learn about the feature of PERSONALITY that involves the way others use emotions to guide their attitude and decisions, and what that reveals about them to you, to your advantage as a man...

...and this material is covered extensively in the KWML Mastery Program.

Our programs at Men's Psychology are always science-based, and so you can rely on their accuracy time, and time again.

That's "The Science of Being a Man"™

The Daily Man-Skills are always based on one of the three general areas that amplify a man's life - Women, Work, and Worth that come from "Being a Man" in your social life and personal growth efforts.

Every skill is taken right from the Men's Psychology Program that goes deep into further study and mastery of the principles you will learn, and results you will achieve when you apply the Daily Man Skill to your personal life, TODAY.


Daily Skill
Shifting Emotional State
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This skill comes from the part of life regarding:
being a man
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...and found in KWML Mastery, here:



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I'll catch up with you tomorrow with some new skills.


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